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  1. Raging_Bull

    Spain tonight

    Thrashed Germany 6-0 in Seville. The standard for Euro 2021 has been set, what a performance.
  2. Raging_Bull

    How the hell........

    Are Man Utd winning at half time? They've been absolutely bossed by RB Liepzig for the first 45.
  3. Raging_Bull

    Great Bargain

    Tangerine snoods for winter Just £2 each at Primark.
  4. Raging_Bull

    Tonights Boxing

    Lewsi Ritson given a points win in a fight where he got his head boxed off practically the whole fight. Shameful is the only word to describe it.
  5. Raging_Bull


    I've just read that Southgate claims that Marcus Rashford has done "really well" and was a "threat" in justifying not putting Jack Grealish on the other night. Now the jury may still be out on Jack although he has had a promising start to his England career so I'm not advocating he should have...
  6. Raging_Bull


    England under 21's drew with Andorra the other night 3-3, that might go down as the most embarrassing scoreline in the history of English football. A team laced with young up and coming Premier League stars couldn't beat a team who's nation has a population around half the size of Blackpool and...
  7. Raging_Bull

    Charlie Adam

    As his hair recedes he's beginning to look more and more like Gary McAllister by the day.
  8. Raging_Bull

    Honour (O/T)

    Anybody watch the two part series that concluded last night on ITV about Banaz Mahmod who was murdered by her own family? What kind of culture thinks its correct to murder your own daughter because she wants to choose who to fall in love with and marry a person of her own choice, and if she...
  9. Raging_Bull

    Paul Stewart

    Sadly Paul's wife Bev passed away on Saturday, I'm sure you'll join me in offering your deepest condolences from all Pool fans.💔
  10. Raging_Bull


    Have we got a better centre half at the club right now?
  11. Raging_Bull

    European Rugby O/T

    Two great semi finals to look forward to today, both Anglo French affairs. My money is on Racing 92 to win the thing at 11/4, lump on guys but be quick, their semi final kicks off at 1pm.
  12. Raging_Bull


    "Chelsea have signed Rennes goalkeeper Edouard Mendy on a five-year deal." "The Senegal international, 28, made 25 league appearances for the Ligue 1 side after joining from Reims in 2019. He completed his medical on Tuesday, with manager Frank Lampard having said he wants to increase...
  13. Raging_Bull


    Doesn't fuck about that man, the leader of the opposition and fierce critic is in serious condition after being poisoned on a flight. A dangerous man to oppose thats for sure.
  14. Raging_Bull

    Ben Mansford

    Getting quite a few negative opinions about Ben, anyone else getting any feedback good or bad?
  15. Raging_Bull


    What are these two large choppers doing flying around town? I thought the Ruskies were invading us.
  16. Raging_Bull


    Watching him jog on tonight you realise what a big unit he is, I wouldn't like to have to fight the f@cker I'll tell you 😉 Also good to see him pulling the team together for a team talk at the end, I saw good leadership skills there.
  17. Raging_Bull


    Oh dear, I doubt many posters on here will shed a tear for this man. SUSPENDED
  18. Raging_Bull

    The Cenotaph this morning

    This is what it should be all about. Respect
  19. Raging_Bull

    Football is back!

    Really looking forward to tonight's Der Klassiker between Bayern and Dortmund who are first and second in the Bundesliga. Don't forget it's a 5.30pm kick off guys.
  20. Raging_Bull

    Judgement Day

    A lighthearted reminder of the final days of the regime. Final Hours