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  1. Raging_Bull

    Anyone got any fixed dumbbells they want to sell?

    Fortunately I tick all those boxes pal.
  2. Raging_Bull

    Anyone remember Loze Rose

    I agree with everything you say there pal as I too have know Lozz for many years, and as far as I am aware there has never previously been a hint of this, HOWEVER.......the fact remains that for whatever reason, firstly the police decided to target him in a classic sting operation where an...
  3. Raging_Bull

    Danny Rowe

    When Danny played for my pub side at 18/19 the thought of even earning money for something he happily paid subs to do was ludicrous. That said he has gone on to score a shed load of goals at all levels up to League Two, I'd say that's pretty good for a local lad who didn't expect to carve out a...
  4. Raging_Bull

    Anyone got any fixed dumbbells they want to sell?

    Blood, your arms have muscles that resemble knots in cotton, any amount of dumbell training won't change that 🥴
  5. Raging_Bull

    Nobbers by name, Nobbers by nature..

    They are called "peg" as most of their wives hanging 😂 (slang for horrible if you wasn't aware)
  6. Raging_Bull

    Rowe-berto Carlos

    He banged a few in for my pub side many a time, i used to say the same thing then.
  7. Raging_Bull

    Ever been hit

    I the old Kop on a regular basis, Mad Screw was the usual offender, I've felt his leather glove cuff me many times, mind you it was better than being arrested. 🤔
  8. Raging_Bull

    Paul Ince

    Paul's managerial record is atrocious, for me it's tarnishing a superb career as a player. Is Lee Clark or Ronald McDonald available? May as well employ one those two. 😡
  9. Raging_Bull

    What car do you NOW drive?

    Mercedes C Class Sport Premium Plus. One of the few cars that has a sunroof added as standard, when I got it earlier this year I realised how much I enjoyed a sunroof, always had them in my cars when I first started driving. Good looking car, economical, a joy to drive and a fantastic sound...
  10. Raging_Bull

    England v Iceland

    I wasn't at all depressed when we lost to Belgium as I felt we played well, last night Southgate tweaked the midfield by playing just the one defensive midfielder and it worked a treat, you cannot leave players as good as Foden and Grealish on the bench as we need their creativity. 3-5-2 is a...
  11. Raging_Bull

    England v Iceland

    As a patriotic England fan I'd watch my country play tiddlywinks. I can't be doing with these fair weather fans, put your flags away and don't come back the lot of you 🥴
  12. Raging_Bull

    The Black Stuff BBC 4 @ 10pm

    Imagine the outcry if they made a series like that in today's PC world 🥴
  13. Raging_Bull

    Which is your favourite Castle?

    Belver Castle, fantastic view of Palma, Mallorca from it.
  14. Raging_Bull

    Spain tonight

    Thrashed Germany 6-0 in Seville. The standard for Euro 2021 has been set, what a performance.
  15. Raging_Bull

    Favourite Island

    Stone 🥴 Mallorca is in fact my favourite followed by Mykonos.
  16. Raging_Bull

    Great Player who became a Great Manager?

    Give me Gerrard and Lampard's transfer budget and even I'd be successful.
  17. Raging_Bull

    Boxing tonight

    Good analysis TFIT, as you say he's been a great pro only losing to the very best in class. Terence Crawford looks different class to me, him against Errol Spence should be some tear up.
  18. Raging_Bull

    Boxing tonight

    I bumped in to Kell at Manchester airport a few years ago in the build up to his fight with Golovkin, had a chat for about 5 minutes with him and he's a nice amenable guy, he was 100% convinced he'd take GG out, I just replied "Nah, good luck and I'd love you to but that ain't happening Kell"...
  19. Raging_Bull

    Egg Chasing The Autumn Nations Cup

    Agreed Victor but that's the Argies first win against them after 33 previous failures, I'd say that's pretty special. Big shout out to former Aussie coach Michael Cheika, since he's come in as an assistant their stock has rose immensely.
  20. Raging_Bull

    O/T Blackadder

    The series where they're based in the WW1 trenches is pure comedy gold and the funniest thing ever on TV. They all nail their characters, but Stephen Fry's General Melched is hilarious. 😂