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  1. td53

    MCLF: Match blog - Doncaster Rovers vs the Mighty Hmmm. One from the big book of 'games that remind you of how it felt when Macca was manager' I think. Brilliant then shit and no in between. Oh well. Have a good evening.
  2. td53

    MCLF: Match blog - Peterborough vs the Mighty Going to enjoy tonight, loved that. Very, very happy. Who cares whether it's Critch or Colin - it doesn't matter, it's working! Have a good evening... :-) 🍊🍊🍊
  3. td53

    MCLF Match blog: the Mighty vs Leeds u21

    Me before game 'I'm not watching this, boycott u21 teams' Me 5 minutes before kick off 'fuck it'
  4. td53

    MCLF: Match blog: Eastbourne Borough vs the Mighty Can't grumble at that. Comfortable enough and an absolute no win game. ALL HAIL THE GOAL MACHINE!
  5. td53

    MCLF Match blog: the Mighty vs Wigan Ath Can't complain, not vintage, not terrible. Few dicey moments, few moments we should have put the game to bed. All good.
  6. td53

    Where's the smiley post responses gone?

    Big question of the era.
  7. td53

    MCLF: Match blog - Burton Albion vs the Mighty

    Much better, enjoyed that, decent game as well. Have a grand evening.
  8. td53

    MCLF: Match blog: AFC Wimbledon vs the Mighty There's something not right if 9 players can create more than 11. At least there was another player for my 'footballers that don't look like footballers' collection. Fuck's sake Pool.
  9. td53

    MCLF: Match blog - the Mighty vs MK Dons Won't live long in the mind that one! A win is a win. Have a grand evening. Going to not try and think about football till Tuesday at about 6.40.
  10. td53

    Everything is shit:bring on tomorrow

    433, 451, 532, 442, pick him, drop him, sack him, back him. Prove us all wrong Pool. Cheer us up. We need it. Bring it on. We're going to hammer them. 10-0 at least. Have a quality Friday night. See you all...
  11. td53

    MCLF exclusive: NOT an interview with Critch I really need to question my life priorities. I could have done so much with the last hour. Instead, I didn't interview Neil Critchley.
  12. td53

    Would it help Critch to...

    .... speak a bit more about tactical issues? He gives the impression of saying similar after every game... He talks about quality in the final third and so on every week and just described how he saw the game. What I'd really like is someone to ask him more difficult questions. It's either...
  13. td53

    Whose fault ISN'T it?

    It was Gnanders fault for being too tall. Tilt had a period where it was all his fault. Then it was Turton's fault for being Turton. Then it was Yates for not being Gnanders. Then it was Notts fault for not being a centre back Then Husband had a go at the same fault. Then it was Williams for...
  14. td53

    MCLF match blog: the Mighty vs Charlton

    Not read a word on here since this morning so I don't know if it's rage and apoplexy or repeatedly pointing out that Critchley is from Liverpool and therefore everything must come good which is in fashion... I'll say 'hmmmm' is my review of that. If that doesn't suffice, the proper review is...
  15. td53

    The Neil Critchley pause

    Interviewer: What day is it? Neil: (3 second pause) Yeah, (slight nod,) it's Tuesday
  16. td53

    MCLF: Match blog - Crewe vs the Mighty Not bad. Bit frustrating. Have a good evening.
  17. td53

    A homage to the GOAL MACHINE! He's not Armand, but hey, he's the Goal Machine!
  18. td53

    'English' football. (short blog)

    I don't want to start a brexit debate. In the unlikely event that anyone is charting my political posts, you'll note I'm essentially ambivalent about brexit. I think I'm the only person in the world who shrugs and thinks "I can see both sides" What I don't understand tho, is in a time when...
  19. td53


    Is needed by the fans, but I also think it's needed by the manager. It's too late now, but he wanted an entire new squad and shipped out some serviceable players. Let's not debate who/what/why but it's true. What we have to accept is it takes time, but I think what he has to accept is that...
  20. td53

    MCLF: HEY! RELIVE THE GLORY!: Match report v Ipswich Hmmmm. Just get hammered and blot that out. Only sane thing to do.