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  1. tangomonkey

    New kit announcement 10am.

    Please can you amend your post to replace the word Orange with Tangerine as I find it triggering 😉 Thanks in-advance 👍🏻
  2. tangomonkey

    Harry F*****g Kane

    I will be honest, I have never seen Kane so slow and laboured than I have in this tournament. He must be carrying an injury because his physical abilities and pace can’t have degraded so quickly?
  3. tangomonkey

    Hibs sign Marv

    Moving to the beautiful and vibrant city of Edinburgh. Good luck big man!
  4. tangomonkey

    Any hint on Signings?

    Byers a Left Wing Back?
  5. tangomonkey

    Ten Hag stays at United

    Ok and you’re besties with the Utd board. You’re just assuming pal and know nothing apart from social media rumours.
  6. tangomonkey

    Your Euros 11 - now we know who is going?

    Pickford Walker Stones Guehi Shaw Rice Mainoo Saka Bellingham Foden Kane.
  7. tangomonkey

    Your Euro 2024 Commitments

    In Portugal for 2 weeks of the tournament so looking forward to catching some of the games in some warm sunshine ☀️ 🍺
  8. tangomonkey

    Your England starting 11...

    I expect that to be Southgate’s side if everyone is fit
  9. tangomonkey

    Owen Dale - Critch's biggest mistake?

    Remember KOKO signing Ranger on minimum wage (approx £90 pw) with a big appearances fee. When Ranger went awol KOKO kept him on his 2 year £90 pw contract out of spite without him ever paying again. I’m sure Ranger went to the papers about it!
  10. tangomonkey

    AVFTT app?

    In the actual Google search results page not the Avftt site 👍🏻
  11. tangomonkey

    Apter League 2 Young .....

    They both play wide right. Why is that different?
  12. tangomonkey

    Sorry to say but …

    Include the coaching staff with those changes
  13. tangomonkey

    Weather on the Fylde

    I know. It’s the Cods cup final
  14. tangomonkey

    Stuck with Critchley?

    That’s your ideal outcome rather than what you know
  15. tangomonkey

    Chris Beech

    Errrr what???
  16. tangomonkey

    Well done Joe Nuttall at last

    They’re not really rivals though. I more pity them because of their lack of relevance
  17. tangomonkey

    Will we replace Rovers ?

    I’m sure people create posts like this just to seek some attention 🤦🏼‍♂️
  18. tangomonkey

    season over , yes or no ?????

    anyone that think we’re still in it with the inconsistent performances we have put on the pitch is deluded.
  19. tangomonkey

    New What we all watching / recommendations thread?

    Just finished One Day on Netflix. Kept it true to the book, adapted well to TV and very well acted. I would definitely recommend, but is quite emotional
  20. tangomonkey

    Can we build on it?

    I think the fact that you’re asking this question has been our problem all season - completely inconsistent with a lack of belief from both the team and fans. Btw, great win today 👍🏻