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  1. we_need_a_bob_hatton

    Is Southgate Critchley in disguise?

    Definately uses Critchley's coaching manual...lets see...put a right back in central midfield...a floating # 10 on left wing...nick an early goal then hang on for 65 mins. Oh and it was crying out for a Grealish type player after 70 mins....anyway " come on you 3 lions "
  2. we_need_a_bob_hatton

    Dog Day at BR

  3. we_need_a_bob_hatton

    Absolute shambles of a club

    Sometimes less is more.
  4. we_need_a_bob_hatton

    Callum Connolly linked with ....

    Nailed on for another 4 years same as Hamilton.
  5. we_need_a_bob_hatton

    Has it been out of our hands before?

    Lincoln away many moons ago...lost 2-0
  6. we_need_a_bob_hatton

    I Still Believe

    Not so...even if we beat Reading and Barnsley draw...if Oxford and Lincoln win...we still miss out on the playoffs....we need 2 teams to f@#k up...I dont think that will happen...but IMO we should never been in this situation and should have made the playoffs earlier...its Critchleys...
  7. we_need_a_bob_hatton

    Bloody hell.. we're still in it!!!

    Its Simples...beat Barnsley at home and it goes down to the wire.
  8. we_need_a_bob_hatton

    This sums Hamilton up for me

    Just was looking at Grimmys magnificent save at the end of the game last night..its been posted on a few media outlets...if you look at the build up to this ...the left winger runs down the wing with Hamilton in pursuit....Hamilton is running at a cantor like he is going through the motions...
  9. we_need_a_bob_hatton

    Team for Wigan

  10. we_need_a_bob_hatton

    CJ yesterday :(

    That is correct...never ever gets close enough to his man.
  11. we_need_a_bob_hatton

    12 games to go...

    And we have an outside chance of the play offs...when we needed the heart and courage of Lions to show what we have got....we get the Tin man and Lion from the Wizard of Oz.
  12. we_need_a_bob_hatton

    Leyton Orient v Blackpool Official Matchnight Thread 27.02.24

    Shocking performance...why he changed a winning team...
  13. we_need_a_bob_hatton


    What a little maestro this fella is...had a hand in 3 of the goals today.
  14. we_need_a_bob_hatton

    Blackpool v Peterborough BSM Semi Final Official Matchnight Thread 20.02.24

    Im sorry...but Critchley got it all wrong tonight and if he gets pelters...he deserves it
  15. we_need_a_bob_hatton

    Why drop Marv?

    In a back four..Marv would be ok...but in a back 3 he's been gash this season.
  16. we_need_a_bob_hatton

    Today's Team News (in a flash JJ)

    Looks like a 3-4-3 formation
  17. we_need_a_bob_hatton

    Few observations from last night

    With Connolly in the back three we consistantly concede goals especially away from home...We need to shut up shop and go to a back four away from home....9 out of our 12 away games we have conceded goals with the other 3 being 2 wins to zero goals conceded and a 0-0 draw....which is the sad...
  18. we_need_a_bob_hatton

    Has the penny dropped?

    He needs to take the handbrake off away from home...with Dembele in the starting line up we will create a lot of chances and we have enough strikers chomping at the bit to convert them as well...let the opposition worry about us instead of us worrying about them...UTMP
  19. we_need_a_bob_hatton

    Dom Thompson

    He does get up and down the left well but defensively hes inept....never stops a cross coming in and his positional play as a defender is shocking.....not blaming him for all goals conceded but we concede shed loads when hes in the starting line up...saying that Grimmy's been shiot these last...