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    Closest football ground to where you are right now?

    Bournemouth FC. Liberty Stadium.
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    Congratulations, Thommo...

    Like I say, To be fair, I agree Chiz.!
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    Rob Apter

    That is probably how the management will bring Apter in. They will assess him in training as all returning players to the squad. Ideally when he plays, his performances will demand selection.
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    Next Player to sign a new contract

    Marvin may well be allowed to leave in 2024. He was not in the squad last Saturday. The team played very well. No goals against. Lacy good young player, new contract, on the bench. Maybe Critchley has decided already.
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    owen dale

    Owen Dale is too right footed. Going down the left wing he stops, passes or goes inside. We do not get behind defences enough with Dale on the left. I agree we need more forward pressure going down that side, with crosses coming in for the strikers.
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    Rob Apter

    Rob Apter looks good enough now for a return to Blackpool. Dale has improved, but only uses his right foot, stops going down left wing, no crosses on his left, moves the ball back or sideways almost every time. Phillips went to Shef Utd then returned a better player for the Pool.!!
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    owen dale

    Re Dale, has come on a lot, great goal on Sat. I would like to see him cross or pass with his left foot, when out wide, instead of slowing to put it on his right.
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    Kyle Joseph

    I entirely agree with the thoughts on Joseph, he looks to be the real deal and a young player. He looked really up for it at Portsmouth and freshens up the front attacking threat when he comes on. He could replace Rhodes tomorrow say for 60 mins, then bring Rhodes on. Beez was lucky with the...
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    Great experience at Portsmouth yesterday.

    1hr drive from Dorset yesterday to the Good Companion pub & found a parking space. Enjoyed the singing , meeting a few fans, having a couple of beers. Sat 6 down from the RHS behind the goal at the row end. You guys along from me, one from Weymouth, were brilliant. And after the the 4th goal I...
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    Blackpool v Watford 1st Jan 1972

    In the 60,s.i think. Blackpool 7 Wolves 2. Anyone remember that.
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    Re Portmouth game.

    Really looking forward to this.According to the Pompey site. A good pub for away fans is The Good Companion. 10 mins walk from ground. Can anyone confirm this, also is parking available nearby, or are there better options. See ya at the match. UTMP. Mike.
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    Oliver Casey.

    Picture of Oliver in tangerine today in the Daily Mail. Saying highly rated young centreback plays for Blackpool and has singed a contract until 2026. We know how well he has progressed, good for him and the club to be in the spotlight.
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    Dembele and Lavery

    Absolutely agree, Kouassi had a good first half. Influential in both goals. Perhaps he cant last 90 mins yet. Beasley tries, but no real impact.
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    FA Cup. We take it very seriously.

    Thats the managers view and the owner, so lets hope he puts out a team that can play like it did for most of the second half against Fleetwood. Players to play in their best positions, not stopping to get the ball on their strongest foot, if Connolly plays, needs to be on rhs . It will be...
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    How many to Oxford?

    One from Dorset to Oxford .E I E I Adio. Up the football league we go etc. We are the football kings. Lets hear that tomorrow.
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    Lovely night for it

    I remember , I think it was 1999.Octobet 18th on a Saturday. Blackpool v Grimsby. Drew 2-2. The temperature was 26 deg on the fylde coast.
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    Scott Banks

    I have just heard back from a C. Palace friend/ supporter. He has seen Banks play, says he is quality, would prefer him to stay at CP. But if he joins BFC, will be ideal for us. Fingers Crossed.!!
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    I remember Alan Ball being sold

    I was working in London W1. Early 70,s. Walking across Wigmore St and an Irish guy stopped me and said. Are you Alan Ball of the Arsenal. Well, blow me, stature wise maybe. But I did NOT have the ginger hair. Now at 77yes i wont be changing the colour. Bally , what a player.!!
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    I remember Alan Ball being sold

    I was at the Fulham match when Bally scored for EVerton. 1nil win. I had seen him play there for Blackpool in a 3-3 draw at Craven Cottage. Bally scored all 3 goals, best player on the park.