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    Integrity of the game is waning / Gone !

    Having seen the joke at Wembley in the Coventry match and then the equally I just Bayern ‘no goal’ decision I’m beginning to think footie is designed for the usual under deserving and usual suspect mega footie giants - I actually question what’s the point of bothering playing - just seems a...
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    The real disappointment is ……

    Like Lee Charles get on the Board and start kicking arses We as fans are far too remote from the real issues let alone have a say in it Many make good points but unless you work at the Club we haven’t a clue what’s what
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    What’s worse?

    I would rather do a bike ride to the Sun and back than go through the last 2 seasons again Without Rhodes and Dembele we’d be sitting below Fleetwood this am
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    Karamoko Dembele 🍊

    Like us I bet he couldn’t wait to get out of Reading !
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    Cheer up folks 😃

    It’s yet another joke season, waste of money and waste of my life
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    Tangible Football Stuff

    Good post, the Club’s Comms are pants Get Lee Charles in charge !!
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    Reading v Blackpool Official Matchday Thread 27.04.24

    And who bought them or brought them in ?
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    Lee Charles‘s post match Show

    Had more passion than our team. We need to be standing up and being counted The players should be writing each and every one of us letters of apology and try living out of a food bank for a week Smell the coffee BFC We demand more and we want happier fans (ask Lee) Enjoy your cricket season...
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    I was told No, but that wasn’t official I would take the risk - get to the ticket office (@ Reading)- c u there
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    It’s the Unity I love Enjoy
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    A great Green idea

    Given this Board, would there be the expertise to run it properly ? !
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    Knappers Farewell Speech

    I went. They fought like mad and deservedly won Problem is they are what they are ie not quite good enough this year for L1 but should survive in L2 no problem Good luck to them
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    Blackpool South By Election hustings - Thursday April 25that The Armfield Club 🍊👍

    And your big opportunity to kick out the Evil Party akaTories
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    Its not just on the manager this

    We are all at sea because - 1 Critchley really put us in League 1 2.the shambles that followed his departure ? Reason went on underApple tree 3. And like a shallow newspaper boy wanting his job back after his cycling accident, he got it back with a squad of tissue paper Having said that we...
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    12th Home - we are the best
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    Is this the worst trip ?

    But if we had hammered the Second and first worst teams in this league we might have had a chance of 90er taking Oxford ! Pathetic wins, nearly meaningless as we almost certainly not win the remaining matches and if we do it won’t be enough - wasted season
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    Carlisle United v Blackpool Official Matchday Thread 13.04.24

    a crying shame if Carlisle ends our season
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    Hampshire v Lancashire CC Div.1 12 April 2024

    Advantage. Hants
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    Blackpool v Cambridge United Official Matchday Thread 06.04.24

    We're still in it - beat F/wood on Tuesday and even our reserves should beat relegated Carlisle and then look at the table a big week though admittedly out of our fist pumps !
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    Blackpool's Best Ever Signing

    t green