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  1. Markobfc

    Graham Carr

    Plus side he brought in Billy Ayre as his assistant, negatives, the players hated him.
  2. Markobfc

    Should he stay or go?

    his continual playing of Kane r was the last straw for me, Kane looked like an unfit Chris Malkin all tourney
  3. Markobfc

    You’ve won £160 million on the Euro Lottery - do you ..

    Buy Epstein Island, drop the Oystons into it en masse and give it to the Yanks for Nuclear/Biological testing.
  4. Markobfc

    Critch on Dembele

    would love him back but wonder if it would stifle RAPTORS development?
  5. Markobfc


    Shamier Anderson :)
  6. Markobfc


    1pm or 2pm announcement?
  7. Markobfc

    Pleasure Beach

    was that ever confirmed or another scurrilous rumour Poor Amanda!
  8. Markobfc

    Sponsors you can't believe we've not had

    Kendons, Unit 5 back in the day... Vueuve Clicquot would have been a good shout with their colours.
  9. Markobfc

    What happened to the fella who owned the pub?

    you mean Owens mate from Spain?
  10. Markobfc

    Next Tory leader

    she is another WEF puppet who would not bring the change we need
  11. Markobfc

    Farage and WEF

    Reform split the vote, it would have been far closer if reform had not had so many candidates. its up to Labour now to show why the should be in power or it will go sour quickly.
  12. Markobfc


    Kinnock went to town on him.
  13. Markobfc

    General Election 2024

    Turnout was atrocious, as at noon less than a million votes had been cast
  14. Markobfc

    Get out and vote!

    Just voted in my local constituency. Lindsey Hoyle - Labour - Speaker of the house Other candidates... Ben Crowther - Democracy for Chorley Graham Moore - English Constitution Party Martin Powell Davies - Trade Unionist and Socialist Mark Worsley Tebbit - Green party... what a sad list and yes...
  15. Markobfc

    All this Save the NHS garbage

    Don't say this is all down to the tories because its not, successive governments have cost the country billions with contracts that the NHS cannot afford. Its an obese beast that needs to lose some weight, start by getting rid of/or charging for translation services (£113,974,561) and non UK...
  16. Markobfc

    Early Bird Deadline, Have You Renewed?

    Really think the club have let themselves down with the calibre of the signings announced so far. there is no real standout Marquee signing that would have got people up and spending their hard earned. I have just seen Mark Cullen coming out of Tesco at Buckshaw dressed in his best DPD kit...
  17. Markobfc

    Players who make your skin crawl

    Gregan was a really nice bloke off the field, met him a few times through my father in law being a knobber. really good banter with him. He was their Morrison/Brabin but not as good :) (as I used to tell him)
  18. Markobfc

    Players who make your skin crawl

    And Bowyer in one challenge :)
  19. Markobfc

    Don’t lose your seat emails

    Just Bought, the buggers better pull their fingers out this season :)
  20. Markobfc

    Players who make your skin crawl

    I rather like Mr Sharp, loved his battles with Evo.