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    Are we as fans being Royally.................

    Exactly if you didn’t enjoy it then football isn’t for you. It’s a semi final of the Euros, the most important game of most of these players lives - of course it’s going to be a bit edgy. We played decent football and controlled the game, then brought on some subs to win it.
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    A lot of comments regarding his fitness, which is probably a result of PTSD after Appleton ran our players into the ground. Critch himself had a lot of injuries and I have to say he is very good at managing players who are carrying them. Look at Gabriel last season after being out most of the...
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    Surely England team v Swiss picks itself

    😂😂 I would have Trent as our wing back in a 3-5-2/5-3-2. That leaves Saka on the left, Walker as the third CB and gives an option to have Foden and Bellingham just behind Kane
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    Surely England team v Swiss picks itself

    What in the world is that formation
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    Jordan Gabriel

    I agree, CJ on his day is a very dangerous player but we don’t see it enough to be worthy of a start. Gabriel is a much better player and should be shining as a wing back!
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    Jordan Gabriel

    Funnily enough I think the exact opposite, once Critch left he was constantly getting over worked and injured time after time. This year round he’s been properly managed to get back up to fitness. Last year was a rebuilding job for Gabriel, he’s avoided any serious injuries and back to playing...
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    Confirmed - SKY really hate us

    Surely it’s got to be the most exciting half of football in play off history
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    New contract for Hubby

    Amazing news. Top pro and very good at this level, he’s a shining light in this 3-5-2 formation.
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    Oyscum loses in court AGAIN 😂

    I can’t fathom why a multimillionaire would go to such lengths to avoid paying 3k in council tax. I bet it’s cost him 5 times that amount now. Ha!
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    Rotherham United

    Unfortunately I think you’re right.
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    Would you want Coulson

    Not sure he would commend much of either to be honest! Middlesbrough will want him off the books and he knows he’ll have to take a cut if he wants regular game time and an opportunity to progress his career. All boils down to how much the player backs himself to be a successful footballer -...
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    Rotherham United

    It does worry me…if we can’t get Rhodes or Byers over other league one clubs then we’re in trouble. I thought Clarke-Harris would have been absolutely perfect for us.
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    Well done Neyo / Oxford

    Congrats Neyo enjoy the Championship. I hope it makes you very happy, dear lord what a sad little life. 😉
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    Championship Play Offs

    That really was awful, just wasted 3 hours of my life watching those games
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    Another article on Sadler

    Who is buying us???? Seriously, what’s the plan here to make it a good move for us fans? Why do people just magically assume there is a good buyer waiting in line to pump millions into a league one football club. Sadler is passionate about the club and has the money to get us in the...
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    Simon's Business Acumen?

    Is that 19m just the running costs of the club over the last few years, or does it include the original purchase?
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    Simon's Business Acumen?

    Where have you heard the club owes Sadler rather than him writing off those losses? And where's 19m come from?
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    Simon's Business Acumen?

    I apologise if it came across that way, I was just making a point of how it came across in my eyes. Ultimately I respect your view, I just feel like Simon should be defended when people question his leadership - it’s a thankless job losing millions in a football club!
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    Simon's Business Acumen?

    That first line made me laugh - I’ll give you that!! That is in essence what you are saying, you’re questioning his business acumen based on the notion he’s going to stick with Critch, which goes against your view of getting rid him? - Just because you believe the fan base is disillusioned and...
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    Simon's Business Acumen?

    He’s an incredibly successful businessman who has built a fortune over many years, running a hedge fund in Hong Kong manages billions of pounds in investments, bought our club and made significant improvements (albeit with a few poor managerial appointments). We are in a much healthier position...