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    Say it every year ..

    Not the most rewarding of experiences, then ...
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    Big Marv

    Hibs, Hibs - Hooray!
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    What stood out tonight!

    Why aye!
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    More training ground progress

    I just knew you were going to 'pitch in' with a comment along those lines ...
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    Great News!

    Without wishing to excuse such conduct, Gareth has surely been involved in the game long enough (as both player and manager) to know that barbed comments from fans such as that simply comes with the territory. You either live with it - or you get the hell out. I'm sure the generous remuneration...
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    The Early Bird Ticket

    At the risk of being accused of being sexist (by what I refer to as members the PC Police out there), as I'm assuming the 'early bird' ticket pricing arrangement is intended to exclusively benefit female followers of our beloved club, for balance, should we not also be considering offering male...
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    Does the team think?..

    I really can't see the issues raised in your third point becoming a problem, as I'm assuming, despite the financially straightened times the club currently faces, BFC will employ their own dentist and chiropodist ...
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    New principal front of shirt sponsor

    I thought the Sadler legal case was being dealt with by the courts in Hong Kong? Last thing he needs is for the unscrupulous Chinese political hierarchy to become immersed in proceedings ... Be careful what you say, voy.
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    Kyle Joseph going?

    CONUNDRUM "How were players like CJ playing every game?" - Jaffa_The_Hut Answers on a postcard - PLEASE!?!?!?!?
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    Apologies for the slight lack of originality, but how about: Living On A Wing And A Prayer ?
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    How about: Apter n' Verse ?
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    Lee evans-brilliant

    You cynic, you!
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    I think it's time to draw a 'Vale' over this whole Byers' business ...
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    It's not the 'head' physio I'm worried about; I'm more concerned with what the 'knee' and 'ankle' physios have to say.
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    Well that should solve something of a long-standing problem at BFC home matches for the coming season! As I would imagine there will be little likelihood of either player looking at automatic selection for games at the start of the campaign, for those first few home fixtures in which our...
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    Maybe the girl in the cafe misheard the customer's request for a KitKat because was feeling a bit fatigued, as she'd been on duty since the shop opened early-morning, and the suggestion could perhaps have made instead that she, "Take a break"...
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    AFC Fixture Change.

    Deliver crosses. Score goals. Develop an understanding of the 2-5-3 formation. Tackle. Undertake headers. Look purposeful. Initiate attacking play. Put the fear of God into the opposition. Dominate proceedings out on the pitch. Knit yoghurt. Worryingly, I could go on... Dominate
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    Pleasure Beach

    Quite taken with your sense of optimism,1966_a_a_t. Just hoping it doesn't prove misplaced!
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    Pleasure Beach

    I get the distinct feeling you're pointing the finger at the wrong member of the 'family'!
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    Blackpool FC Traitors and Faithfuls

    No, it's because he chose to 'up sticks', without so much as a 'by your leave' to the club which had, not long before, taken the plunge and given him his first real chance in the 'management game'. So, while that may not have qualified him as a 'traitor', as such, choosing to go and 'cosy up...