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    Jay Emmanuel Thomas

    Currently playing for Livingston on Sky against Celtic. A quick Google says he's now 30, how time flies! The usual laid back style is still there. When he was with us i used to worry he'd tire himself out just taking a corner.

    Quick stats question

    Keep hearing that we hadn't knocked out a top flight side since 76. Were Man City not in the top flight then in the 80s when we beat them?

    Rangers v Celtic

    Anybody watching this in a bit? Don't like all the bigotry that goes on between the two but I'm hoping for a Rangers win. Steven Gerrard v Neil Lennon and Scott Brown, it's no contest is it?

    O/T League 2

    Another win for Morecambe today and they are flying. What a job Derek Adams is doing. Good to see Chris Beech doing so well at Carlisle as well and just signed a longer contract. Id also like Exeter to go up , not a near away day for us but they've been so close the last few years .

    O/T Best Comedy line

    I see Doctor Zhivago was on TV this afty. It reminds me of one of my favourite comedy lines from Rising Damp. Miss Jones.. " I've been to see Doctor Zhivago today". Rigsby..... " I didn't know you were ill? " "What did he say? " I'm sure it's been done on here before but...

    Football in the 60s and 70s Facebook group.

    I joined this group a couple of months ago, think it's got about 20k members and I've really enjoyed it. It's just members putting photos on from that era and discussing and stirring up memories. just right for 56 year old me. The admin guy states that there's a zero tolerance on racism, club...

    Holloway Grimsby rant on Twitter.

    Seems to be having a meltdown on Twitter calling the owners and perspective owners to sort things out for the good of the club. Says his tweets might cost him his job but he's standing with the Grimsby fans. Also says that he's not spoken out earlier in his career but won't make that mistake...

    John Gwynne

    He's announced today that he's just been diagnosed with Cancer and faces a tough battle ahead. Recently on Soccer Saturday as a reporter but also the voice of darts and Lancashire Cricket for years. He's on Twitter and very accessible and will more than appreciate any good luck messages if...

    Coral Island / Football fans.

    Someone was telling me today that his friend was refused admission to Coral Island last weekend because he was wearing a Blackpool coat with the badge on. No football colours at all apparently. Seems a bit harsh when all your wearing is a coat and your in your home town and it isnt even a...
  10. PNENIL

    Gary Neville

    I have to say that I've liked what he's had to say on an independent body reforming football. Is he a modern day Jimmy Hill who's done every single job in football ( barring being a linesman) who is a respected voice or is he to be treated with caution?
  11. PNENIL

    Covid restrictions question

    Just wondered if anybody could help as I can't really make sense of it . I have a 10 year old daughter who lives in Rochdale and I have her every other weekend. I know there are special rules for co parenting but it's the travelling that makes this different. Will I be ok to travel and pick her...
  12. PNENIL

    Saturday night motivation.

    A bit down after the defeat but then I see a tweet from George Oyston putting a pair of eyes emoji next to the final score tweet and all is good with the world again. We could lose every week for the next 3 years and I'll still be grateful that family are gone. So thankful we have the class...
  13. PNENIL

    Ricky Gervais, After Life etc

    I know he can divide opinion but I can't get enough of the work he's produced. I'm currently watching After Life and when I finish it I just start again, it's like comfort viewing. I watched all the office again during lockdown and recently watched all of Derek for the first time which I...
  14. PNENIL

    Charlie Adam

    Season started yesterday and already started in Scotland but I don't see him playing yet ? Is he training with anybody? Obviously holding out for the best price. Watching us yesterday he would definitely add something if his demands were realistic but the trouble is he's done it again hasn't...
  15. PNENIL

    Steve Royle

    Straight through to the final on BGT . Really pleased for him after watching him every year at the grand in panto
  16. PNENIL

    Charlie Adam again....

    Just been listening to him on Five Live with Mark Chapman and Dion Dublin. At the end they asked him about his situation at the moment. To summarise he said: He's training at Bolton after a call from an old friend to help him get fit. He's playing in a friendly for them tomorrow. He's had...
  17. PNENIL

    O/T Heating question

    Sorry about the boring subject but my Gas fire packed up at the end of winter . How many of you use both gas fire and central heating during the winter or just the central heating? Thinking of ditching the gas fire altogether and just using central heating .Can it be more efficient?
  18. PNENIL

    Gary Lineker

    I'm not one to BBC bash but they pay him all that money and he's still got another job presenting Champions League on BT. It's winding me up to a level as to when I see Schofield on we buy any car. Cut Lineker, save the BBC and just give it to Mark Chapman whos better and I'm sure a lot...
  19. PNENIL

    Preston placed in Lockdown

    From midnight. I wonder how far the restrictions apply? Would somewhere like Garstang be included? Can't say it's a surprise is it?
  20. PNENIL

    Brentford V Fulham

    Anybody watching it and who do you want to win? Brentford for me, think they will add something different to the EPL instead of the same old same old of Fulham and I think they deserve it when you compare the two budgets.