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    When the Ramsden Arms took a coach to Charlton

    Back in the early 80s This included the famous punch-up on the motorway bridge with the Arsenal hooligans at Watford Gap Services. The Arsenal firm raced across the bridge looking for a fight, but ended up beaten and chased back to their side of the motorway with their tails between their...
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    2 Big Central Promenade Hotels bite the dust

    Sad to see the huge 141 bedroom Lyndene Hotel and neighbouring St.Chads Hotel (another huge promenade hotel), both go into liquidation.
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    Charlie Adam Interview with Seasiders Podcast tonight

    Surprised I've not seen anything about this on AVFTT so far, but I noticed on the post match Seasiders Podcast, they mentioned they had an interview with Charlie Adam tonight. Something about it being live on YouTube tonight to "patreon members" and you can send in your questions. I think us...
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    Man United 9-0 Southampton

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    Liverpool v Burnley

    0-1 on 86 mins
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    Southampton 1-0 Liverpool

    Title race not a foregone conclusion this season.🙂
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    The Old Yates Building (Talbot Sq.)

    Walked past the Old Yates building (now Premier Inn) a few days ago. Got to say, looking from the outside, the building looks impressive. The biggest surprise to me, that I didn't know about, is that there is a large bar/pub on the ground floor, (which is already fitted out and looks ready to...
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    o/t Blackpool lights switched off

    Midnight on november 4th the illuminations will be switched off, until further notice (instead of until New Year, as was planned). Makes sense.
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    Is there a podcast tonight?

    Match reaction from the panel?
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    Liverpool getting spanked by Villa!

    4-1 after 51 mins. Who'd of thought!?
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    Denise Welch blasts the Covid scaremongering

    Some strong words from Denise Welch regarding the current situation. And makes some very valid points.
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    Only 2 UK Covid deaths in last 24 hours

    Things are looking much better, though you wouldn't think so, watching the news.🤔
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    BBC News: Average 13 covid deaths per day, in the last 7 days.

    Looking a lot more positive now, isn't it?🙂
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    Rachel Riley branded following tweet.

    An Arsenal fan on twitter accused her of being a plastic Man Utd glory hunter, to which she replied "Says an Arsenal fan based in India". You can guess the frenzy & hysteria that followed. The world's gone nuts!