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    Paul Cook.

    I'd be having a chat with him. Just to see how he's finding life without football.
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    Tiny bit confused about Saturdays game

    The vast majority on here have us down as top 6 and even a few predicting automatic promotion. How is it then that on Twitter and on here a good number are predicting a loss or happy to take a point tomorrow? If we have any ambition this season to get promoted then Gillingham will have been...
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    iFollow on Fire TV

    Does it work? Has anyone tried?
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    Baningime, Beni

    It will be interesting to see if he makes the Everton 22 man squad tomorrow. As it looks if things have cooled on this guy. He made the 20 man squad for all the post lockdown games.
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    Record signing

    During his Radio Lancs interview Dunn said that Nuttall is our record signing. Previous one was £1.25m for DJ Campbell I think. Anyone else find that hard to believe?
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    Who do we prefer?

    Gary ‘very much so’ Bowyer Or David ‘yer know’ Dunn I’m torn. I’m going to sleep on it.
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    Corona virus could impact on Sadler

    The Far East is struggling with a closure of supply chains and Japan and Singapore are hurtling towards a recession. The markets seem relaxed but how long will that last. Interest rates being cut around the world too. Tricky waters to negotiate for Mr Sadler.
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    Scouring the globe

    It sounds as if no stone will be left unturned to find the right man for the job. With that in mind how do people come to the conclusion it’ll be his mate Hecky? Is Heckingbottom the best coach currently available to us once all those stones have been flipped over? Is he heck as like!
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    How many ‘shortlist’ threads do we need?

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    BBC Radio Cumbria

    Saying Evo unlikely to replace Grayson at Blackpool.
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    Is Sadler out of his comfort zone?

    Football is about being decisive on and off the pitch. Has Sadler got what it takes to own a football club? Don’t get me wrong as I’m glad he’s here and I’m sure he’s learning every day that passes. But being known as a ditherer isn’t a good tag to have in football. Be decisive and send Grayson...