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  1. Ghosts of Electricity

    OT - burglar alarm and installation recommendations

    I'm looking at getting one installed, was hoping someone here could recommend somebody who they may know or had one done similar? I'm after cheap really.
  2. Ghosts of Electricity

    OT - which poster created a board game recently?

    I'm trying to track down the thread as I bought and want to leave feedback as it is excellent. Massively recommend it to people who like board games. Thanks if anyone knows.
  3. Ghosts of Electricity

    Barnet 7

    This happened in November, so a good way through the season. We got promoted this season so a reminder why patience is key. Interesting 8 out of the 11 were first teamers and played in Cardiff which shows a team needs to gel. I'd say say Kennedy, Collins and O'connor weren't in the team come...
  4. Ghosts of Electricity

    ST ifollow codes for Saturday? Anyone heard?

    I don't want this to cause people to start phoning the club but has anyone heard how we get out codes for Saturday? Has anything been announced? If it's left a lot later I can can see the shop being inundated with requests towards the end n of the week.
  5. Ghosts of Electricity

    Ipswich and wigan

    Anyone watching? Do realise it's a game not involving Liverpool and its not from the bestest league ever in the world ever, so interest on here may be non-existent but it does affect Blackpool. I don't think Wigan are going to do a 'Bolton', they have some half decent players. I'd also say...
  6. Ghosts of Electricity

    OT - recommended best app for cycling, walking

    Preferably free but not averse to spending a few quid. Basically a distance tracker to monitor cycling and walking. Not bothered about mph etc.. Something simple and easy! Cheers all
  7. Ghosts of Electricity

    Adam offered new contract at reading

    Hopefully will stop months of begging him to comw back.
  8. Ghosts of Electricity

    Arthur Lee & Love. Forever changes.

    The set is on bbc4 tomorrow at 10pm. Never knew they did this at Glastonbury but won't be missing a set of one of the greatest albums made.
  9. Ghosts of Electricity

    Pool in green shorts

    Not sure if this has ever been posted. I've never seen it. Think it's Trev doing the corner.
  10. Ghosts of Electricity

    o/t sofa removal - recommendation

    Afternoon all, Does anyone know someone who would take a sofa away and dispose of it - no Oyston fly-tipping gags required! Also I don't think i have the fire-retardant thing either so pretty sure charities won't be interested. Not sure what the score is at the moment with tips and businesses...
  11. Ghosts of Electricity

    16th May. Bundesliga

    Sensibly finished before the end of June.
  12. Ghosts of Electricity

    Brand new shed - available for free

    If anyone is interested please DM me. Its 6x4 feet metal shed. Google 'outsunny metal 4x6 garden shed khaki'. to get an idea. It is still in all packaging and the boxes are about 5 foot long so easily fit in most cars with back seats dropped. Now for the caveat - it has NO base. You would...
  13. Ghosts of Electricity

    FAO plumbs

    Watched the damned united again last night. Great film. Just wondered what it was like from your PoV and Leeds fans in general. It painted bremner and revie in a poor light, but these are heroes at Elland Road. So is it seen as a load of b0llocks and clough was just too arrogant? Also is...
  14. Ghosts of Electricity

    Positives for behind closed door games

    So it's looking highly likely this will be the way to finish the season. Aside the debate and merits about finishing the season this way, there could be big positives. Thinking mainly nuttall will have proper competitive games without worrying about a misplaced pass etc and the crowd...
  15. Ghosts of Electricity

    Anywhere still open which sells wooden sheds?

    Cheers in advance but expecting nil response.
  16. Ghosts of Electricity

    Well done Liverpool for admitting they got it wrong.

    Myself and others were quick to criticise so I'll be as quick to say well done to accept they were wrong.
  17. Ghosts of Electricity

    OT - Outside work/leisure space advice

    With all this virus and working from home, I'm thinking I may continue to do so after this period has lifted. I'm encouraged to do so anyhow and my job lends to it. I'm looking at pricing up a outside detached space a the bottom of my garden and wondered if anyone has similar. A small space...
  18. Ghosts of Electricity

    OT - Bob Dylan new song

    However set aside 17 minutes to listen to it. Personally his vocals sound as good as they were in Modern Times. Fingers crossed the rumoured new album comes to fruition. Obviously when bigger issues have been resolved. Take care all.
  19. Ghosts of Electricity

    Future quiz question and current answer?

    If we don't play for several months then will critchley hold the longest period between being appointed and getting his first win? Also anyone any idea who the current holder of this record is?