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  1. Stu99

    Playoffs still on

    Beating Pompey could be massive come the end of the season
  2. Stu99

    Blackpool v Crewe Official Matchnight Thread 02.03.21

    Thought Stewart was a little off tonight, seemed to lose the ball a couple of times. Saying that, Crewe closed us down rapid - point gained.
  3. Stu99

    Point gained

    Crewe looked the better team, defo a point gained.
  4. Stu99

    Blackpool v Crewe Official Matchnight Thread 02.03.21

    We look to be gaining some consistency now. Discount the first 6 games and were 5th with 2 games in hand, 1 point off automatic.
  5. Stu99

    Blackpool v Crewe Official Matchnight Thread 02.03.21

    Crewe currently sat in 19th on away form, with 4 wins, 3 draws and 8 losses from 15 games. Pool have one of the best home win percentages in the league, although we do have 5 home games in hand. Should be interesting.
  6. Stu99

    Happy anniversary, Critch

    First full season of pro football. Wrestling with COVID and injuries. Completely overhauled squad. Strong emphasis on young players. Future under Critch looks bright.
  7. Stu99

    March Fixtures

    Tuesday could make or break our season.
  8. Stu99

    Too much positivity.

    Can’t remember the last time I felt so positive about our team. Some real quality in there.
  9. Stu99

    Are Lincoln running out of steam?

    Yep, looking good for play offs
  10. Stu99

    Jerry Yates - Minutes per goal

    11 goals in 27 games putting him 8th highest scorer in the league. Even better, if you look at goals per minute he’s scoring a goal every 180 minutes (1 every 2 games). Looks like we’ve found our 20 goal striker.
  11. Stu99

    Are Lincoln running out of steam? Points per game table - puts us 9th
  12. Stu99

    Charlton v Blackpool Official Matchday Thread 27.02.21

    First back-to-back away wins this season I believe.
  13. Stu99

    Simms today mom for me

    Critch certainly knows a youth player. Gabriel, Ballard and Simms on loan have been class. Saying that, I think most of our signings have been quality so far.
  14. Stu99

    I have a serious Man Crush on ..

    Favourite player by a country mile. Proper class.
  15. Stu99

    Leaked Sky Email - Broadcaster Only Hiring BAME & Females

    Meritocracy is dying in the UK.
  16. Stu99

    Brett Gerrity speaks ....

    Do you ever post anything positive?
  17. Stu99

    Inside Training | Getting ready for a trip to the capital

    Heard they’ve been training at AFC Fylde recently. Not sure if that’s still the case.
  18. Stu99

    The Blackpool Manager you hated the most?

    Ince: he joined and all of a sudden Tom took every penalty, every free kick, every corner and never got substituted.
  19. Stu99

    Lateral flow tests for football?

    Think it’s more a matter of who pays. It’d be very expensive for either the clubs or government to provide such quantities every Saturday. Although if they could find a way of doing it cheaply, it’s defo a good option.
  20. Stu99

    Best food at a ground you've had?

    Balti pie for me hands down.