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    Haz and Megs’ problem goes nuclear.

    Whenever I’m feeling on top of the world, or get ideas above my station, I always like to tune in to AVFTT; a heavy dose of misanthropy usually helps bring me back down to earth.
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    I don’t think we can necessarily blame covid for Dougall’s drop off in form. His performances against Oxford, Hull and Accrington, weeks before he contracted the virus, whilst adequate were well below those of his earlier performances.
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    I’ve made one post before retiring. You started the day (7.32am) prattling on about press conferences and you’re still at it at 10pm. I realise the demise of Mr Trump (and dare I say Mr Potato-Man) has probably hit you hard but for God’s sake man get a grip. You lost, get over it!
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    it’s a bit rich complaining how obsessed some people are about Trump when you’re spending the best part of a Saturday night making numerous posts about the disappointing number of Joe Biden’s press conferences 😄
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    £37 billion to Tory mates to do FA

    Hats off to you Cat, only a couple more for the full house!
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    £37 billion to Tory mates to do FA

    Perhaps this board isn’t really for you; after all you’re not a Blackpool FC fan.
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    Nurses planning a strike

    A quick word from Marcus and that 12.5% will be in the bag 👍
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    Best Female Vocalist Ever

    Florence Foster Jenkins.
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    Most overrated band ever...

    Mumford and his/her equally untalented sons.
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    Most overrated band ever...

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    The main beneficiaries of a global pandemic..........Dogs

    Fleetwood and Fylde’s continued decline has no doubt also contributed to the wellbeing of a few local dogs.
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    Budget and Starmer

    Interesting to see that Sunak doesn’t agree with the economics experts on here that say reducing corporation tax rates increases tax receipts!
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    No more Mr. Potato Head

    Which makes it all the more incredible why there was such an uproar when a woman got the job - probably from the same mob that are getting their knickers in a twist over Potato-head!
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    Play off final hotel booked

    If he’s got the option to cancel, where’s the risk?
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    Anyone nervous over the next 5 matches?

    Our record against teams below us this season is actually pretty good (24 points from 12 games) so no need to feel nervous for that reason.
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    No more Mr. Potato Head

    Yes I expect the fall in sales to right wing, middle aged white blokes will sound the death-knell for poor old potato-head.
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    The Robbie Whitaker interview

    Very good 👍. Angel of Death indeed!