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    There comes a point..

    I have found this weekend to be as depressing as any I have seen in England for a long time. And that takes some doing in a year of a pandemic. I have watched England steadily slide to the right over the past 10 years. It has disappointed me, but I recognise that we have a democratic electoral...
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    There comes a point...

    Where a manager has to take a few risks. We’re not going to go down, we have 49 points. But yesterday was an example of both managers thinking “no risks, hold onto what we have, try and nick a goal”. Now Simon Grayson’s teams can play like that until eternity, and in all likelihood they will...
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    Referee ban

    I see Darren Drysdale has been given what seems to be a 4-5 game ban for his coming together with Alan Judge. He said Judge had given him the worst abuse he had ever suffered, swearing at him and including the words “cheat” and “bald”. Is that all?
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    “Ours” - documentary on BT sport

    Watched this last night, thought it was excellent. Looked at the impact of a club like Bury going under, but mainly focused on the different models that can be used to ensure the survival of clubs in the lower leagues and non-league. Michael Colvin who narrated it is a brilliant writer, and it...
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    O/T Kieran Trippier ban

    Reading about this today, it appears that his 2 month ban relates to him allegedly tipping off someone that he was going to move to Atletico Madrid. Or someone finding out what was going on somehow. What a effing joke. The whole betting industry runs on the basis of the bookie having superior...
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    Outstanding fixtures

    How is that Accrington, who have played 2 games less than us and 3 less than others, do not have to play a game in the midweek before Christmas? We have to play a rearranged game at Sunderland in the middle of a hectic month of fixtures. It should be made clear to clubs that if the season...
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    Chizzy calling the Grand Final

    For Radio Merseyside apparently, just seen him quoted on the BBC website coverage. I knew he did the odd RL game, but a grand final? Surely they must have someone better!
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    Defending at set pieces

    Watching the game last night, it struck me that Gretarson and Ekpiteta both stood at the near post. And that a corner to or just beyond the far post would have to be defended by relatively short players such as Turton. There was a corner like that from the right in the second half which...
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    Next season in League 1

    Having observed the EFL’s dismal performance at sorting out the conclusion of League 1, I do wonder how they are going to organise the 2020-21 season in terms of getting it started. I think they need to make it clear that the season will restart on a certain date ( say mid September) and the...
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    The SPFL debate - B’pool South MP

    Why has the Blackpool South MP put his name to a motion to discuss the shambolic attempt to end the season in Scotland? What has that got to do with his constituency?