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  1. ballysboots

    Fort William Revisited

    Saturday 19th December The Fort up to their old tricks again 😄 Deveronvale 1 Keith 2 Fort William 0 Brora Rangers 10
  2. ballysboots

    Get in the Hole That is a bellow you wont be hearing anytime soon! In fact it will be an impossibility. The holes are to be foamed up and the ball will not drop into its centuries old home in the cup ☹ Holes in one will be a thing of the past (not that they have...
  3. ballysboots

    Airports named after famous people

    Another light hearted thread to keep the brainbox ticking over. I'll start. Aeropuerto de Santander - Seve Ballesteros
  4. ballysboots

    BFC Shop

    Apologies if already posted.