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  1. Rektseasider

    Lincoln vs Blackpool: Three Word Game

    Forget the Grand National this is the only three horse race in town. ‘Covid’ Outbreak Beneficial Look there’s no two ways about it, drawing after being 0-2 up is gutting. Lincoln played well throughout the game and are a strong team, we raised our game and bossed it up to about 70 minutes. I...
  2. Rektseasider

    Blackpool vs Gillingham: Three Word Game

    A religious themed edition today. We Have Risen Ok, wow, that was outstanding to be honest. We’ve come so far from being crucified early in the season and we seem to have found that next gear from the purgatory we suffered up until recently. The whole squad were outstanding today. Is there...
  3. Rektseasider

    Swindon vs Blackpool: Three Word Game

    A rare Friday edition. County Ground Conquered Felt like a training game at times, I think that’s because the gulf in class was quiet large. The pitch was dreadful, but we managed that and the game far better than Swindon did. Whilst this campaign doesn’t seem to have the sizzle of ‘07...
  4. Rektseasider

    Blackpool vs Plymouth: Three Word Game

    😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤 Late Heartbreak Again! I’m still not really sure about that one. Point gained or lost? First half might as well have not shown up and we were then quiet good for about 35 minutes before fading in the last 10 minutes. I knew we’d rue not converting any of those attacks we had at...
  5. Rektseasider

    Blackpool vs Peterborough: Three Word Game

    A game in hand edition tonight. We look unbeatable At the moment. The one major criticism of this whole project was the goals for column, well haven’t we remedied that in style these last two games. Can we keep this up, who knows but boy with the character this squad seems to have we’ll give...
  6. Rektseasider

    Oxford vs Blackpool: Three Word Game

    😍 Fast and Furious We’ve just gone away to one of the best sides in the league and dominated them to the point where they looked ordinary. People might be tempted to think this was similar to the Charlton game, I though Charlton made us look good, but today we made Oxford look very poor, we...
  7. Rektseasider

    Blackpool vs Burton: Three Word Game

    The Jimmy Floyd Hasslebanik grudge edition. Critchley The Tinkerman. So at half time I wondered what Critch had in his locker as that was as abject in the first 45 as I’ve seen in a while. I couldn’t fathom how we could be so poor as our MO is supposedly to get on the ball, use it well and...
  8. Rektseasider

    Blackpool vs Fleetwood: Three Word Game

    A Fylde Coast edition this week. Creative Spark Wanted We actually created a little more today than we have been doing recently. However, yet again we struggle to create anything like the number of chances to score the goals to get us out of this division. We are clearly a well drilled...
  9. Rektseasider

    MK Dons vs Blackpool: Three Word Game

    The Ronseal of footballing word games is back for a midweek edition. Entertaining Football? NO. Ok it’s a win we move up the table and generally how can I complain? But 30% possession? Two shots on target all game? Can’t say that’s really inspiring or a recipe for promotion. I’m glad we...
  10. Rektseasider

    The diamond in the rough?

    So after a while of trial and error with 4 3 3, error being the key word there. We then switched to a highly traditional 4 4 2. Two banks of four solid if not effective going forward players. I admired this switch at the time, because it clearly took a lot of Critch to admit his ideas at this...
  11. Rektseasider

    Blackpool vs AFC Wimbledon: Three Word Game

    You’re only allowed three people. Back To Mediocrity. When I saw that starting line up, I had visions of CJ and Mitchell galloping down the wings and marauding their back line at will. Well I couldn’t have been more wrong. Wimbledon were the only team that wanted to press high, get the ball...
  12. Rektseasider

    Blackpool vs Crewe: Three Word Game

    For wordsmiths only. Bend Don’t Break That was quiet an entertaining game actually. Our old problem returns of not being able to punish teams when we’re on top. Having said that Crewe dominated the game with some fantastic pressing. Our defenders for most of the game were superb.
  13. Rektseasider

    Charlton vs Blackpool: Three Word Game

    It will be hard today to just stick to three, but do try. A Complete Performance Homework ✔ Gamesmanship ✔️ Cool under pressure ✔ Passing ✔️ Finishing✔️
  14. Rektseasider

    Portsmouth vs Blackpool: Three Word Game

    Oh what fun it is to see Blackpool win away......Take it away you lot. Critchley’s First Masterclass Fantastic result but more importantly for me the tactics and in game adjustments, for the first time, were spot on. We rarely looked in danger, managed the game very well and made...
  15. Rektseasider

    Blackpool vs Rochdale: Three Word Game

    You’ll all be glad to know the three word game passes a late pitch inspection to be on tonight. Hamstrung By Hamstrings? Very enjoyable first half. Very worrying for the rest of the season if Marvin’s out for a while, even more worrying that we fell apart when one man left the pitch second...
  16. Rektseasider

    Ipswich vs Blackpool: Three Word Game

    I realise this game will only take one word starting with S and ending with T but try for three, if you can. Ipswich Itch Unscratched Really not many positives from that one. Gabriel at a push. Maybe. Toothless up front unfortunately, players shoehorned into positions they won’t thrive...
  17. Rektseasider

    Blackpool vs Northampton: Three Word Game

    Let’s just get this one over with, shall we. Best Bit? Burgess. A very forgettable game, Northampton were poor and we struggled to get out of second gear. Yates did very well for his goal. Ben’s comms were the only thing that made that watchable.
  18. Rektseasider

    Wigan vs Blackpool: Three Word Game

    A midweek edition describe that game in just three Result Teaches Little Ok it was good for our confidence and we really struggled in the reverse fixture so there has been some progress for us. But when it’s all said and done, Wigan are a basket case a rag tag bunch of freebies and kids...
  19. Rektseasider

    Brighton vs Blackpool: Three Word Game

    An FA Cup edition of a family favourite. B-Team Get A+ Gutting really to loose in that manner, goal of the round and a wicked deflecting. 3 5 2 looked like it may be a good fit but we’d need to have a look at it in the league, but we need a link between Midfield and the strikers somethings...
  20. Rektseasider

    James Madison

    Did anyone just see his interview on Sky after the game tonight? Fantastic, refreshing, honest and full of personality. Not many like that in the game. If more were like that pre and post match it would make the Prem a much better product to watch. Seems to be a very likeable guy and if he...