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    3pm next Saturday

    Suspect we might be looking at 1230 kick offs next Saturday
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    Public backlash against media coverage of Prince Philips death

    What are the BBC to do? They are the national broadcaster and the right are just itching to climb into them saying they are unpatriotic. They have to play it this way.
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    Loyalist Riots

    It’s hard not to come to the conclusion that people get the politicians they deserve when they have consistently voted for extremist parties. The more moderate and conciliatory the voice, the less it gets listened to and voted for. And you end up with a First Minister who thinks it’s perfectly...
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    Event -Big Ben Burgess

    Do you want questions in advance or on the night?
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    Play Off Scenario

    Well if it ends up like Forest in 2010, I will settle for that. Big shout out to Billy Davies for resting players in the second league game in April 2010. That was the game I was worried about In the run in. It was almost like he fancied playing us in the play offs!
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    Swindon away day memories?

    Remember a game when Zarko Grabovic had something to do with a late equaliser for us. But the thing that pissed everyone off that day was that Swindon charged 22 quid to get in - in 2005....
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    Agents fees.

    Laughable that the club (rather than the player) pay agents. Lets say in the case of Gretarrson the agent comes to us and says I am agent to a promising young player who you should look at. We look at him, decide to sign him. I would argue that the agent has done a good job for the player, he...
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    That win against Southampton

    It was on the Beeb live. First time we had been on live BBC since the AngloItalian cup finals....
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    Afternoon to the Muckers 👋👋👋

    I think its simply a generational thing with the Muckers. They, along with my Blackpool supporting son, see avftt as the home of boring old farts. They are entitled to their views and best left to it.
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    Afternoon to the Muckers 👋👋👋

    And just remember Poultongirl saying the shirt to year 2 children was a Muckers idea. Lads, it doesn’t matter whose idea it was, if you want to fund it, over to you...
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    That win against Southampton

    Went to see friends in Oz before that game. Saw the highlights somewhere in Queensland. Gutted that I missed it, as you can imagine with my user name there were a few scummers I wanted to have a word with... In lots of ways I am really sorry I missed that run in, when I left after the defeat at...
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    o/t Your go to ‘summer song’

    Ain’t that enough - Teenage Fanclub
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    the gravy train lumbers on....

    At all levels, it’s an outstandingly shite idea, loved only by bean counters and execs at the global clubs. No one else wants more European games, not even the fans of teams in it. No one else wants a system where sporting achievement is trumped by your UEFA coefficient. And the rest of us...
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    Other teams run-ins

    I accept Portsmouth have a favourable run in. Good job they left it so late to get rid of Jackett. They have a real chance to put together a good run, but there’s no way I would say they are nailed on for the play offs as I saw someone else post today. I am not sure Cowley can make them steely...
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    Other teams run-ins

    For all the ease of their run in, I can’t see Ipswich putting together enough points. Paul Cook will make sure they are a much better team next season, but they have taken 6 points from the last 5 games which is nowhere near good enough for this season when you are in mid table to start with.
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    Matty Virtue appreciation post

    Good luck Matty, really disappointed for you, keep the head up and keep grafting
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    So we go again on Good Friday ..

    I am already practising calming techniques for the Gillingham game to stop me self-combusting at their shithousery. Notice that by pulling the Wigan game forward to Wednesday night, both teams get 36 hours extra rest before their Monday games.
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    Can’t agree with you on that Limerick. Who are the world beaters Kenny is not picking. He is stuck with indifferent Prem players and players from the Championship which for all the hype about unpredictability is a pretty poor level by international standards. The older players, the Hendricks...
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    The one Blackpool game you wish you hadn't been at

    Funny how Brentford tend to recur on this thread....the 4-0 defeat in 2014/15 (I think) where they had 41 shots and we had one was hard to take. Although for a real big match sickener, Walsall away when we blew promotion from league 4 is hard to’re utterly gutted and then head off to...
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    Steve 'Fat Head' Evans Predictions ..

    Well if it was based on whose manager was the biggest shithouse, they would walk it......