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    So who remembers this ...

    Yes I was there. Had a bad day all round as the car had broken down in Oxford town centre earlier where we had gone for a bit of refreshment. It was around the period when we were about 10 points clear of third place and so Allerdyce decided we would no longer attack and we played for the rest...
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    Are we capable of winning 7-8 of our remaining 14 games?

    The squad is more than capable. It is whether the head coach and his team are able to step up to the plate. To do so Critchley will have to pick the best available players on a consistant rather than random basis, that we will not try to be clever but will propose a simple but flexible strategy...
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    0898 12 16 48

    I used to also ring that club line all the time. Often it had not been updated since the lastime I called it.
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    Your Ollie stories

    Ollie, undoubtedly gave us some of the best football and memories most of us will ever have. For a good while he was my hero. However as someone has said higher up this thread, best not to meet your hero. We had just won a night game with a late winner when not playing well and I was in...
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    Best Christmas Movie

    Bad Santa with Billy Bob Thornton.
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    Who wanted to buy BFC and which were serious offers?

    Also a Receiver has a duty of care to not only the creditors but the debtor as well. When you have someone as litigeous as Oyston watching your every move the Receiver has to make sure he is fully transparent and makes every reasonable effort to obtain the best price. It was something I was...
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    Ben Woodburn

    It speaks volumes that Liverpool have sent none of their youngsters our way. I think we all hoped that one or two of their best under 21's would end up being improved whilst playing for us under Critchley's coaching at Blackpool. Perhaps Liverpool are not unhappy that Critchley moved on.
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    Nuttall gone

    I think most on here have nailed it pretty much on the head in that it his attitude which was just not right. I met him a couple of times when he first joined us and he did not seem interested and appeared to believe he was too good for the division and was almost at the club under sufference...
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    Harry Maguire Interview

    A few years ago I had problems with the Greek police whilst on holiday there. I was in dispute with a local company who hired out bikes. They were just crooks really conning hoiliday makers. They conned me, and I went to see them (the hire company) to dicuss it. I got threatened and it got...
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    Jake Caprice

    We are for probably the first time ever seen as a club with a bit of money and who is willing to spend it on the club rather than the owners. It also appears that we will now deal through agents. Every agent worth his salt is therefore going to try and boost their clients value by saying that we...
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    Likewise, I have had e-mails from Premier Inn, Travel lodge, a place in St Annes we use when down watching the mighty and a hotel on the South Coast we use a lot. I am pretty sure the Prem Inn e-mail was a good while ago.
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    o/t House equity release

    I agree with all the above. I worked in the financial sector for many many years. It is the next big mortage scandal just waiting to happen.
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    Simon Sadler and China

    Sadly Hong Kong has been preparing for this day for years, and as stated above I am sure that Sadler has plans in place, as have many other companies. I used to spend a fair bit of time in HK and watched the local paper (South China Morning Post) raise more and more concerns, and then suddenly...
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    Your BFC Claim to Fame

    I once did a sponsored charity parachute jump for the club. I was part of the group raising funds to save the club when we nearly went bust in I think in the early 80's. We used to meet weekly at Club Tangerine coming up with events and ways we could raise funds. About ten of us I think did the...
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    What a great start to the day ...

    After thinking I will have to give up on the forum after many many years mainly just watching on the old one I also activated the ignore button. It is a great addition to the AVFTT armoury and it has made my viewing so much more pleasurable. I can't understand people like him/her. If they hate...