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    I follow

    A question please folks. Not used it before, is it possible to order and watch it on a Smartphone?
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    Asteroid Apophis

    Isn't now going to hit Earth for at least 100 years, scientists say. Apparently it's going to do a sort of fly past in 2029, passing between us and the moon, but the original prediction of it hitting Earth in 2068 has been revised to the above. Well, that's OK then. You can bookmark this if you...
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    Chill out music

    Awful weather today so... Imagine happier times, you're listening to music and you want to chill. Maybe on holiday, lying in the sun with the only thing to drown out is the sound of the waves. What would you choose? A couple to start, Moby Porcelain and Pink Floyd Marooned.
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    OT headphones advice please

    Question for the sound People please. I'm looking to buy a new pair of headphones, either on or over ear. (Can't stand those in ear ones, and I doubt they'd be the right choice for this anyway). I'm learning bass guitar. My amp, a practice 20 Watts one, has an output for the guitar and an Aux...
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    OT some online music

    A quick plug for a friend of mine at work, who's teamed up with his Stateside cousin to do some remote recording. Hence the name An Ocean Apart, track's called Airwaves. Available on YouTube and Facebook, and shortly Spotify I believe. Don't really understand how or why, but in this modern...
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    OT Microsoft alternatives

    Hi everyone Technophobe here. Can anyone advise how we can get access to things like Excel and Word without having to buy the full MS Office please? We've just bought a new laptop, it has this ridiculous MS365 idea and a 30 day trial, but we only really use Excel and occasionally Word. Seems...
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    OT - try painting as a new hobby

    Hi everyone Thought long and hard about whether to post this, but if you've opened this up please bear with me. I do watercolour landscapes as a hobby, have done for about 20 years. I'm no professional artist - I'm sure there are at several people on here who can paint better than I do - it's...
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    Some bloke's just gone past with loads of lights, lots of people following. Big beard, red suit, not a great look. No idea what he's up to, but I can't see it catching on.
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    Bruce Dickinson

    One for all us rockers. Not sure when yet but sometime over the period Sky Arts are showing the 1994 gig he did in Sarajevo during the. Bosnia conflict. Gets a chapter of its own in his excellent book. My scheduling will only search forward a week. I think it's Tuesday 29th but keep checking...
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    Quiz question

    Ok, seeing as we've got the comedy theme going tonight, here's a good one. Which sitcom used the rhythm of the notes of its theme tune to spell out it's title in Morse Code.
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    Chis Vis

    Dear fellow AVFTTers, life has been hard for me these last few weeks. Not only have I had to cope with the introduction of other commentators, and summarisers, but my radio reception has been infested with things called Preston, Blackburn and Fleetwood. I have had to try and interpret the...
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    An FA cup triv question

    Always been one of my favourites, this one. Cup Finals from 1980 - 1989 inclusive. Name two players who played in two finals in that period for different teams, but the team they played against was the same one. So as an example, Pool get to the final (it'll happen soon) and play Preston...
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    Music download advice

    Hello everyone I'm someone who needs a training course in modern life, I work out how to do something I need and if it works I tend to stick with it so changes/improvements often pass me by. Downloading music being a good example. The only real access I have to music now is what's on my Ipod...
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    General player fitness

    Something occurred to me t'other day after hearing about the lack of match readiness of some of our signings. To be clear I'm not having a go here. It must be hard for them. Every professional should be maintaining a good general level of fitness, but we all know it's only game time that will...
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    Early football memories

    Bored tonight, so here's some memories. As a kid I'm fairly certain the first game I really watched on TV was the '73 final. Jim Montgomery's double save near the end still a highlight even now, one of the great FA Cup moments. Also remember England Poland (just) but wasn't too aware of the...
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    Rental in Poulton needed

    Hello everyone, I'm asking on behalf of a work colleague here. Is anyone able to help or advise on the availability of a 3-4 bedroom rental, Poulton/Carleton general area please? if you can please contact Claire 07481700147 Thanks Steve Jackson
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    TV aerial advice please

    Hi folks Out of date mega technophobe here, hope someone can advise, and equally hopefully that I understand any replies... We have a Samsung 7400, connected to a very old Sky box, 10+ years old. We're looking to ditch Sky, and are considering just watching Freeview. So I thought it would...
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    Your favourite away trip

    Just been told I've got to self isolate into October, so what does a man do? Of course, he comes straight onto AVFTT and asks banal questions to pass the time. So, of all the away runs you've done, what stands out as your favourite? Not necessarily because we won - and lets face it, it would...