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  1. AllTheBoysAreCheerin'

    MOM v Posh

    As much as I'd like to give it to Yates for an incredible performance, I felt the game was won in midfield and Ward bossed the midfield from start to finish! Every single player put in a performance that would have got them a MOM award on another day but tonight, for me, Ward was MOM! Thoughts?
  2. AllTheBoysAreCheerin'

    Welcome back Mr Kaikai

    Great performance from the enigma that has been Sullay Kaikai for most of the season. Given the freedom that he thrives on tonight he showed us what he can bring to the team! Well played that man.
  3. AllTheBoysAreCheerin'

    Watching the game from the touchline

    It's always puzzled me why most managers (head coaches) watch the game from the technical area. Having watched the game for more years than I care to remember I've worked out that you get a far better view of the game from up in the stand. Rugby coaches watch the game from the stand and give...
  4. AllTheBoysAreCheerin'

    Am I expecting too much?

    I found myself being disappointed by our performance tonight, I loved the result but the performance left me a little flat. Having followed the Pool, home and away, for over 40 years, I've learned to expect the unexpected but our rebirth after the Stains has left me over expectant and I see...
  5. AllTheBoysAreCheerin'

    It's not just the players...

    It's not just the players that are learning their trade, our head coach is learning too. He fucked up today as young players also fuck up! I'm not sure if he's going to bring us success or not but he's brought in some exciting players and improved/got the best out of many of the players in the...
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    Would you change the starting line up

    Would you change the starting line up for the visit of the Wombles and if so how and who would you change?
  7. AllTheBoysAreCheerin'

    Tactics v Crewe

    I'm not sure if it was a deliberate tactic or if it just worked out that way on the night but it looked to me like Stewart was playing the advanced midfield role and Virtue a more defensive role. This could have been a deliberate tactic to try and break down Crewe high up the pitch but it...
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    It's not often I agree with the sponsor but thought they nailed with Matty Virtue.
  9. AllTheBoysAreCheerin'


    I think we'll all agree that the lad couldn't defend to save his life when he arrived but was good going forward. His transformation in a short few months is nothing short of amazing, he's become one of our best players. If this is the Critch effect, I'm very excited about our future!
  10. AllTheBoysAreCheerin'

    Team and Formation

    4-4-2 has clearly been our best formation. 3-5-2 has worked too so why does Critchley still try to play 4-3-3? Team wise, playing left sided players on the right and vice versa doesn't suit 4-4-2 and isn't the best option in a 3-5-2. Is Critchley trying to build something that I've not quite...
  11. AllTheBoysAreCheerin'

    UK to cut vaccines to the NW.

    It turns out we've been too good at rolling out the vaccines and we're making others look bad!