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  1. hertfordseasider

    Public backlash against media coverage of Prince Philips death

    Now, this is not a pop at Royalty or the death of Prince Philip, it is very sad he has died. However BBC, ITV, Sky etc., have been inundated with complaints about the coverage with has been described as OTT. All BBC Radio music programs have been told to only play sad songs for 3 days and...
  2. hertfordseasider

    O'T - Blackstar

    Just listening to Bowie's album and it always brings tears to my eyes, there is so much emotion in his lyrics and vocals, knowing he is dying and clearly desperate to live. God what a talent he was and what an amazing back catalogue of the most amazing music.
  3. hertfordseasider

    29 points from the last 13 games

    And unbeaten, that is some record and we are actually getting better. A magnificent team performance today against a bang in form Gill's side. If we can keep going like this we won't actually be far off auto. How many sleeps till Saturday?? 🙂
  4. hertfordseasider

    O/T - The Flight Attendant

    Just finished watching this Sky/HBO series. I was a bit meh for the first 2 episodes but glad I persevered as it turned into a slick dark comedy thriller with lots of twists and turns. Well acted and written I can recommend if anyone is looking for a series to watch.
  5. hertfordseasider

    Kaikai & Embleton

    Both on the score sheet tomorrow..... You heard it here first!! Super excited about tomorrows game, Come on you Tangerine Wizaaards!!!
  6. hertfordseasider

    The injuries

    Have actually helped Critch into this formation with Embleton and Kaikai having free reign to be creative and do what they do best and you have to hand it the Yates, he has been outstanding as the lone striker. It's a great formation and I hope we stick with it. Brilliant tonight. Hard to pick...
  7. hertfordseasider

    Oi Herts!!

    Ather's is starting to look like you!! 😱 🙈🤪
  8. hertfordseasider

    Is this the road to a European super league?

    Thoughts guys and gals? Champions League changes
  9. hertfordseasider

    Sarah Everard - Shocking murder

    The fact a young woman was taken and murdered when walking home in the early evening is shocking enough, but the news that a serving Metropolitan Police Officer has been arrested for her murder and a woman (I presume his partner) arrested for assisting him is even more horrifying. Not only that...
  10. hertfordseasider

    Purposely kept off the Match Thread

    Statistics...... The only one that matters is that we got 3 points. MK Dons are a team very low on confidence and it showed. We came with a game plan and it worked perfectly. In fact if you think back over the game we only allowed them the one shot against the bar. Our defence were superb, as...
  11. hertfordseasider

    Oi Athers!

    How's your prediction thread looking at the moment?
  12. hertfordseasider

    The Pitch - possible problems and Solution

    I asked one of my employees who used to be head groundsman at Spurs and at Stevenage about what happened last night and showed him the pictures. He said what I said, that the pitch hasn't been looked after properly in the past (We all know that's an understatement) and that it is badly...
  13. hertfordseasider

    Prince Phillip

    Looks like it's the end of the road for the old boy. That's one life he's had.
  14. hertfordseasider

    O/T - Woodmansy/Visconti Holy Holy Tour 2022

    For the Bowie fans out there, Woody Woodmansy and Tony Viscont's band who play Bowie songs are touring in 2022, hey have just added new dates for March and they have already just released dates for April. Glenn Gregory, the singer from Heaven 17 fronts them and the heaven 17 keyboard player is...
  15. hertfordseasider

    Podcasts for BFC

    Could those who do podcasts relating to BFC add links on this thread please. I think it would be helpful for those of us who have not indulged in podcasting yet!
  16. hertfordseasider

    Who would be guaranteed starters from the 8 out?

    So, who do you think out of this lot would be regarded as shoe ins for the first XI: Ward Luballa Anderson Gretarrson Garbutt Madine CJ Robson I would say Ward, Madine & CJ, Gretarrson must be considered but we have 4 really good centre halves and Ekpetita is first name on the sheet. Then...
  17. hertfordseasider

    O/T -Resident Alien - Sky

    Watched the first episode on Sky last night and it was really promising. Dark comedy with some laugh out loud moments and good potential characters, particularly the non pc black sheriff and his dopey deputy.
  18. hertfordseasider

    Message for Neil Critchley

    DO NOT let Thorniley go, He has been ace the last 2 games.
  19. hertfordseasider

    Post match and same frustrations

    No, I'm not talking about the players, I'm talking about the unrealistic expectations of so many on here. I know you want us to win, we all do, but seriously, we aren't going to win every game 4-0 as some of you seem to think we should. We took a point away from home off a very good Hull side...
  20. hertfordseasider

    Amazon TV New Series - Upload

    Looking for a bit of comedy this evening and found a new sci-fi afterlife comedy; Upload. Really enjoyed the first two episodes, smart, funny and promising.