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    Lincoln City v Blackpool Official Matchday Thread 10.04.21

    That is so frustrating. Should have buried them on balance of play. Maxwell hmmm.
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    On the BBC Football website today 4 of the 6 main stories

    I've taken me children to Blackpool, why wouldn't you take your kids to a men's match?
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    On the BBC Football website today 4 of the 6 main stories

    The football is substandard.
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    How not to run a football club....anyone know anything about this book?

    Well you've got 3 orders from the TSS family. It's one of those things which should be required reading for future fans and possibly players. Thanks for doing this for us.
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    BFC wooly hat on BBC 10pm News

    Can't be the only one who started a Sea, Sea, Seasiders chant 👍
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    The Stacey West interview

    I enjoyed that. A couple of thoughts; 1. No sunglasses? 2. Why does Maxwell give me the jitters with his positional play and inability to catch a cross, whereas Jane thinks he's great! It's what makes football great, support the same team, disagree on various players 👍
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    How bad was Covid at Lincoln?

    I hope they are all ok actually. I loved football, but I wouldn't want anybody to suffer badly. Or will be beneficial if we've got a few missing, but it might inspire the others. And let's be honest, we tend to play to the standard of the opposition.
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    Advice, Travelling to Scotland with Overnight stay

    Travel at night with your lights off when you cross the border.
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    Hartlepool bi election.

    Due to my job I mix with politicians from all sorts of political backgrounds at local, regional and national level - they all get to hear the same message as the issues are the same irrespective of who I'm speaking to. I think because of that, and I because I avoid the student politics nonsense...
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    How not to run a football club....anyone know anything about this book?

    I'm going to buy this, I'm tempted to get three one each for my boys and me. My youngest was born in 2009, so when he's older, it will be something that explains BFC from birth. I hope you've got something from the court threads on original AVFTT. And thank you for doing this. Can we start a...
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    Hartlepool bi election.

    So here we go; a long response. Until as recently as the 2015 Hartlepool Borough Council was dominated by Labour, enough to form a working majority, although there has always been a bit of an independent streak (for example Stuart Drummond was elected as Mayor 3 times when originally H'angus...
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    Hartlepool bi election.

    I live here and the whole thing is an absolute mess. MP, Tees Valley Metro Mayor, Cleveland Police & Crime Commissioner, all out Council Elections aren't helping. FWIW, The resigning MP, Mike Hill (Labour) was lovely, a helpful constituency MP who did a couple of things nationally which he...
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    Flat Earthers

    There is a really strong and thriving conspiracy theory sub culture in Hartlepool. Genuinely believe all the crap they watch on YouTube. They make me laugh, until they start on stuff like vaccinations for children are unnecessary. They go down a rabbit hole they can't escape. And each link...
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    Blackpool Vic says no Covid patients remain in ICU

    If fewer people have it, fewer people are catching it, the deaths we are likely to see over the coming weeks are going to be the residual number of people still in from before the vaccination take moved into gear. We should be down to very low numbers soon, with a long tail of single figures...
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    It's all about chance. The absolute chance of getting a clot is the same regardless of age. It's about 4 in 1 million, and that is a tiny risk. The chance of getting seriously ill and death from Covid is higher, much higher, the older you are, therefore, the cost/benefit risk improves the...
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    Excess death rate falling

    Funders crossed indeed, and there's a way to go yet.
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    Blackpool Air Show August 6/7 cancelled

    Sunderland have cancelled theirs too. I wonder if it's the same promoter?
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    Excess death rate falling

    I've been watching the Covid Actuaries since the start of the pandemic as it's all statistics without gloss and soon. Their latest tweet is talking about the lower than expected deaths over the last few weeks compared with the 10 year average, which is now beginning to feed into a reduction in...
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    Covid Europe

    We have petrol bombs exploding night after night on UK soil, because of the dick heads who throw them. I'm pretty sure the vast majority of the people of Northern Ireland (and for that matter the republic) aren't throwing them.