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    Excess death rate falling

    I've been watching the Covid Actuaries since the start of the pandemic as it's all statistics without gloss and soon. Their latest tweet is talking about the lower than expected deaths over the last few weeks compared with the 10 year average, which is now beginning to feed into a reduction in...
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    So this Ox/AZ jab

    So I was waiting patiently to be called for my vaccine because I'm 48 and not at much risk other than being a bit overweight but was told last week, I should book one as TSSBro, is in a bubble with us and at a significantly elevated risk (he was vaccinated six or seven weeks ago). I didn't even...
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    Woke up this morning with the worst case I've had in years. Horrible sensation and made me really nauseous. Did all those tilting head and eye focussing exercises from YouTube and seems to have done the trick but I feel knackered. Anybody else suffer?
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    The new Alba party

    Week this split the SNP vote? Interesting move by Alex Salmond.
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    Time to reintroduce blasphemy laws?

    Looking at the reaction in Batley, is it time to reintroduce blasphemy laws, rather than allow upsetting people of faith(s) to become divisive?
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    Will AZ just say fcuk it?

    Given the constantly negative rhetoric coming out of the EU and some member states, do you think they might just sack it off given their Covid vaccine is not for profit?
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    Albanians seeking asylum

    Given Priti Patel, was rightly saying we need to improve the entire immigration system in this country (and have needed to do it for at least 20 years) they posted loads of information on various websites today. Anyway, Albania is in the top 3 countries people seeking asylum in the UK originate...
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    Maxwell and game management

    I'm not sure of Maxwell as his hesitancy and flapping at crosses worries me; but he's a master at killing time. I said to my boys last night after our first goal, it's going to a masterclass of time wasting and it was. His time of possession must be higher than all the outfield players given...
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    Has Cancel Culture gone too far?

    Reasonable debate on BBC Global if you've got 25 minutes to spare. Bit more civilised than we get from some posters on here! Global Questions, Has Cancel Culture Gone Too Far?: via @bbciplayer
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    Anybody else having to isolate?

    Because of proximity to somebody testing positive? Such at home until 31st; might just sack it off and extend Easter!
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    AZ 100% effective against serious illness Good news, very good news.
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    Next Covid death free day

    Was looking at the figures today, and the falling infections and the good news about the vaccines stopping a good percentage of people getting very ill and promising information about transmitting the virus, but also being warned about future spikes and variations. It got me thinking will we...
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    More help needed; serious question Test and Trace

    Got this email today Dear TSSeasider We would like to invite you to join 7 others to join a round table meeting with Dido Harding on (a day in March.) ...Dido Harding is keen to hear from you first-hand about the experiences and challenges your community has experienced through the pandemic...
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    Bloomfield Road naming rights

    Just read the "police incident at BR thread" and I quite liked the line Lancashire Live which said "Bloomfield Road is closed outside the football ground of the same name" It's never really been an issue for us given the tarnished reputation of the previous owners but with SS and the apparently...
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    20 million and counting

    Every day is a day nearer to this thing being over. Should be going even faster in March and the double doses will be accelerating too. Good news 👍
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    Will the returnees upset the rhythm?

    Just thinking about how well we've been playing given we've got a reduced pool of players to choose from. Is there a danger when we've got a full squad, we could end up tinkering and struggling to fit everybody in? I quite like keeping a winning team together, but I might be old fashioned in...
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    Pop Corn Ready? Alex Salmond v Nicola Sturgeon AND IT'S LIVE...

    Could be the some of the best political drama this year... 12.30 Kick Off
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    Over 40's next

    Get in you little beauty!
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    Serious question: Why do people not self isolate. Help needed

    I've been invited to a round table discussion with Lord Bethell, Health Minister [me neither!] to explore why people don't self isolate and how can we encourage more people to do it. It feels a bit closing the stable door to be honest but we are still in the pandemic so why not. Now I hear...
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    Just back

    6pm FFS Waste of a trip from the kitchen to the lounge. Cost me 3 calories. Not sure I can even do it again when we rearrange. Sack the board.