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    The bench looks stronger than the starting 11

    Can’t really believe it !! what’s up with Gabriel and Hamilton ? Critchley must be really worried about MK Dons !!
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    Simms today mom for me

    Brilliant attacking and defending. Hold up play brilliant man of the match for me
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    Why not play tomorrow night or Thursday ?

    Surely they could and rearrange Saturday for Sunday and then next Tuesday to Wednesday then back to normal ?
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    Man of the match for me and Husband was great also. Defence looked solid at the back and Super Jerry put the icing on a great away day. Wish we could have been there.
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    So will it be on ??

    They surely will have to make a decision tomorrow ? It’s a fair old way from Peterborough. Don’t know why they don’t postpone now until Sunday seeing how it is at the moment. Nothing can have changed much since Tuesday night the pitch must still be unplayable
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    Cheating going on ????

    Doesn’t surprise me with this Burton lot !!! They just don’t want it played. twats !!!!
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    BFC can we have an update please on the injuries ?

    Seems like we never seem to get updates on injuries. We need to know exactly whereabouts CJ and Madine are in getting back because we are pretty poor overall without them. That second half today was one of the poorest I’ve seen this season.
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    Broadband package advice please

    Hi I am thinking of downgrading my Broadband/TV/phone line package. I am currently with Virgin Media been with them for years. I currently pay £71.45 per month which is going up to £75.45 per month later this month. I wouldn't mind keeping the broadband as its 100MPS and is great however I have...
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    Kevin Stewart

    I thought he looked good last night when he came on with Simms. He seemed to settle straightaway looks like another good signing.
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    Anyone remember the Talk of the Town Cafe ?

    Used to be on the corner of Caunce Street and Cookson Street. Its waste land now and knocked down years ago. Used to go in it a lot in the late 60's had a big juke box and counter at one end. Used to say "I'll see you in the Talk on Saturday" Happy days !!
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    What did you think when Kai Kai stepped up to take that pen ?

    When I saw it was him I thought oh no not him I would have bet my house he was going to miss it and when it came back off the post the remote nearly went through the telly as I thought that was it. Especially as the guy taking the next pen despatched one in normal time. I do unfortunately have...
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    Will Asda follow Morrisons stance on face masks.

    I believe Morrisons will not be allowing customers in who don't wear a face mask from tomorrow unless they have an exemption certificate. I was in Asda yesterday morning and there were still people swanning around without them. Also which is even worse the food pickers they use with Asda...
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    Anybody know how long CJ is out ?

    Its no coincidence that our form has dropped since CJ has been out. Lets hope he's back soon.
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    BT Sport Extra 3 on Virgin Media question ?

    I have Virgin Media which has BT Sport 1, 2 and 3. I didn't realise that BT sport extra is available on the red button when you are on a BT sport channel. I'm hoping therefore to watch the West Brom game on there ? Anybody else doing this or tried this channel before on Virgin Media ? Thanks.
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    Worst ref decision against us.

    For me the one that sticks in the memory most is that donkey Peter Walton not awarding us a blatant pen against Man U when Varney was just completely taken out/pushed over. Made it worse that we had the opportunity to go 3 up and we would have probably won the game.
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    Lee Mason

    I see the Wolves manager has slated him for his performance last night in the Burnley match and said he never wants to see him refereeing Wolves again. I seem to remember him being a total barsteward and useless generally when he used to referee us which seems like an eternity ago. The only...
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    Will the TV now reconsider our cup match ?

    Just thinking as Fat Sam is now West Brom's manager and he started his career properly in management with us plus there is a potential upset on the cards will they reconsider ? It has suddenly becomes a fair bit spicier.
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    Loved Maxwell last night

    When we scored the third. Ran the length of the pitch to celebrate with the lads. Just shows the commitment and what it means to this team to do well. Long may it continue had a pretty solid game as well.
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    IFollow commentary

    When will they ever get it synced for fuck sake video and commentary