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  1. catinstalbans

    The Conservative (Party). time for criminals.

    So it seems that apart from the endemic corruption within Boris Johnson's government our Tory masters have been offering a helping hand to the ordinary criminal too. Violent crime up 116% since 2015 yet the number of criminals charged is down by 26%. Hate crimes up 56% Record low conviction...
  2. catinstalbans

    Fire and Rehire

    This appalling behaviour of British Gas, British Airways and others beggars belief. To attack the working conditions of employees in this way shows the immorality of these corporations and banned in many European countries. This government says it does not support the process but will take no...
  3. catinstalbans


    9500 reduction in armed forces announced today. Is there any subject Boris Johnson can be trusted on
  4. catinstalbans

    Telling lies to Parliament

    There is certainly no Prime Minister in my lifetime as duplicitous and conniving in his willingness to deliberately lie to Parliament as Boris Johnson. What makes it worse is his unwillingness to correct himself when the facts are correcting himself. Equally appalling is the media letting him...
  5. catinstalbans

    Stay European!

    As we fill the census returns in over the next week there is the opportunity to take a stand and make a small protest at the rights which have been stripped away from us since leaving the EU. Everyone can declare themselves European on the national identity question by ticking the box marked...
  6. catinstalbans

    £37 billion to Tory mates to do FA

    It turns out that the world beating waste of money that is Tory Peer Dido Harding's money spinning track and trace operation did not bother to use the information gathered from 100,000s check ins at pubs, restaurants hairdressers and shops in the latest report about the Conservative government's...
  7. catinstalbans

    An outbreak of facts and misinformation (long post)

    Well, half term is nearly over-lessons to prepare later and I said I would respond to some false accusations made by a certain poster. So here goes. First a summary. I learnt only one bit of new information by watching the documentary which I was told would prove beyond doubt China's guilt and...
  8. catinstalbans

    Less Safe and Less Secure-Brexit going well?

    So, a Conservative group is calling for Brexit talks to be restarted after the UK has lost access to criminal databases, including a list of wanted people and records of stolen identities. Criminals may not be extradited as the UK is no longer part of the European Arrest Warrant system and has...
  9. catinstalbans

    This is unfortunate timing 😂

  10. catinstalbans

    Brexit-Good news v Bad news

    I'm always told that I'm never positive about Brexit so let's compare two bits of Brexit news from the last couple of days. Liz Truss continues to perform miracles by ensuring that the UK can trade on exactly the same terms with other countries as it did before. Her latest stunning success...
  11. catinstalbans

    Go move to the EU if you don't like it

    Apparently now government policy and not just a right wing slur.
  12. catinstalbans

    Petty, Pathetic Point Scoring

    Once again the small minded extremist little Englander mentality of this government is clear for everyone to see. To go against the normal position of every other country in the world in refusing to grant the EU ambassador full diplomatic status shows the nasty, untrustworthy and to be quite...
  13. catinstalbans

    Schools are safe?

    It's just the mixing of households within schools that is the problem. Please can anyone explain to me wtf this means? How can you teach classes of 30 students without the mixing of households? More idiocy from the lying clown in Downing Street.
  14. catinstalbans

    Just for balance.

    And a rebuttal of the nationalist jingoism on here since the "deal", here is an interesting viewpoint from someone who actually knows what he is talking about. 5 reasons the UK failed in Brexit talks
  15. catinstalbans

    The Covid Cycle

    Scientists are concerned and recommend a course of action. Dithering Boris Johnson ignores advice. Cases rise, hospitalisations increase and people die. Government ends up doing what the scientists recommend but it is now too late. Boris Johnson says it will be all right soon. Situation repeats...
  16. catinstalbans

    Why was this deleted yesterday

    An academic report which finds that Boris Johnson was directly responsible for 20,000 deaths due to incompetence and negligence over the first lockdown. It is acceptable for the Independent and the Telegraph to report it but not for me to post it on this forum apparently...
  17. catinstalbans

    Why does Boris Johnson lie all the time?

    You have to ask. Why does he do it? So easily disproved by national organisations. Then there is Priti Patel claiming that the government has always been ahead of the curve. Late with PPE Too late with the first lockdown Late with test and trace which still isn't working-supposed to be world...
  18. catinstalbans

    Extend the transition period.

    The only sensible thing to do in the current circumstances is to seek an extension of the transition period with the EU. Having purged any whiff of intelligence from his government it is clear that the current incumbents cannot deal with any aspect of running the country successfully never mind...
  19. catinstalbans

    Charlie Adam