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    Advice, Travelling to Scotland with Overnight stay

    I work for a motor dealership and we deliver all over the country. Especially as showrooms have been closed so you can buy online, Poor form from the garage that they can’t deliver it.
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    How not to run a football club....anyone know anything about this book?

    Yep looking forward to getting a copy. Those days should have been the best in our history turned out to be the worst by a country mile.
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    RIP Prince Phillip

    RIP yes a great innings.👏
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    Charges at Swindon FC

    Seemed to remember watching a series on "can't pay we'll take it away" and Swindon FC were on that. Due to not paying contractors or something. They had to get hold of the manager and a director who ended up paying or they were ready for taking stuff out of the offices.
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    Defence- Your back four ?

    I really think that after Monday's brilliant performance we should start with the team that started against Gillingham. The team have earned that right surely ?
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    Lincoln next Saturday

    Yep agreed look at Man Utd the other week got turned over by Sheffield Utd at home and everybody has beaten them !! Definitely a banana skin
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    Sullay Kaikai appreciation thread

    What a brilliant goal that was. Great finish and build up outstanding.
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    Advice for improving WiFi signal round the house

    Thanks for letting me know.
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    Advice for improving WiFi signal round the house

    Hi do you have BT internet to begin with ?
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    Lee Collins

    Bloody hell that's terrible !! Puts things in perspective. RIP
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    Gillingham v Wigan

    See after tonight we have played 5 games less than them.
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    Team for Swindon?

    Yeah I’d like to know that also ?
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    Line of Duty

    Can’t wait for Steve Arnott to meet up with him ! He tried to cut some of his fingers off in the 1st series.
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    Line of Duty

    I'm pretty sure the trainee cop is the lad on the bike from the 1st series so he will be linked to organised crime most likely he's definitely dodgy.
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    Blackpool vs Plymouth: Three Word Game

    Defend the cross
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    Bad News Incoming

    A dead leg !! that wont stop our dynamo Jerry.
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    Bad News Incoming

    Lets hope there's no truth in it. If somebody knows for a fact then they need to speak out.
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    Can Embleton play in the Sunderland games?

    I suspect he wont be allowed too which is a shame because he's been brilliant for us.
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    Jerry Yates linked with...

    Tell the vultures to fuck off.
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    The one Blackpool game you wish you'd been at

    Forest away for me too followed by Leeds away winning 5 nil