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    Play-offs within reach

    I’ve been looking at our form over the last 15 games, deliberately ignoring the first 7 as the squad and new manager were still finding their feet. At home we’ve won 4 and drawn 1, whilst away from home we’ve won 4 drawn 2 and lost 4. If these results were to be replicated over the reminder of...
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    Kenny Dougal signed

    Midfielder from Barnsley. Sounds decent.
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    ‘Lefty’ lawyers

    I see the government’s orchestrated attack on ‘lefty lawyers’ is starting to bear fruit; first report of a knife attack by a rwnj. Patel, Johnson and their cohorts increasingly resemble a low grade Trump tribute act.
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    Another one caught flouting the lockdown rules, travelling from London to Durham when off work with symptoms of the virus. Wouldn’t be surprised if he keeps his job though - after all he is running the show 😞
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    Furlough scheme abuse

    I’ve learnt today that a certain local businessman is putting staff on furlough and claiming the 80% grant whilst simultaneously employing them under a new contract in a related business. It may be within the rules (?) but certainly against the spirit of them. Let’s hope such immoral characters...