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    Sunderland blog on Blackpool concerns.

    As things stand Sunderland will be desperate to avoid the lottery of the playoffs now that they are so close to the automatic mix and this could be to our advantage psychologically. I agree though both teams will be going flat out for the 3 points.
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    How not to run a football club....anyone know anything about this book?

    Great archive from the old site there seasideone. Those Court summaries were compulsive reading at the time and it was fascinating watching the whole case unfold.
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    Thomas Ince: “I’ll try and take some notes from my dad about managing… but not too many”

    It could work too. Don't think he's felt the love since he left here.
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    Sunderland blog on Blackpool concerns. I think it's fair to say both sets of fans are a bit wary and see these two games as pivotal to the run in. Its all about what happens on the day but...
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    Tonight's : Preview Show Available now. Some good different goal angles footage.

    This show kicks off Friday evenings nicely for me so I'll look forward to it. Ged Mills always does a decent job imo and Andy Preece is also good as a co-host. Interested to hear Neil Eardly's thoughts on his time here too.
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    Will we see a draw as a good result against Lincoln?

    Absolutely no complacency for this game but we are probably playing them at a favourable time for us and we need three points just to keep the automatic dream alive.
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    How not to run a football club....anyone know anything about this book?

    At least one poster on here said they might give it a go at the time of the Court cases. It's not you seasideone is it?! Anyway it's a must read for me but I hope it's by someone close to the Club who is fully aware of the whole story.
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    Last player from 53 final has died

    RIP Doug....I met him on two or three occasions about 20 years ago as he was a big friend of someone that used the same watering hole as me at the time. Nice guy.
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    Has there been any iFollow figures published?

    Something I've thought about myself. If it's globally available to all seasiders it could be an impressively high number, especially with the pandemic restrictions.
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    Kaikai, Yates, Critch in TOTW

    Or Ward.....could just have been all eleven of them really.
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    Kaikai, Yates, Critch in TOTW

    Nottingham in there too.
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    Flat Caps and Tangerine Scarves - subscribers

    I'm assuming it must be automated 20's. I received an Email from the publishers which arrived almost immediately and simultaneously with a receipt of purchase from PayPal.
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    Flat Caps and Tangerine Scarves - subscribers

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    Flat Caps and Tangerine Scarves - subscribers

    Defaults to the purchasers name unless another name is added to the 'notes' box on the checkout page.
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    Flat Caps and Tangerine Scarves - subscribers

    Just ordered...thanks Roy.
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    Anderson out for rest of the season

    That tweet was January so hopefully he is well on the way to full recovery by now. It sounds like he's been playing through a pain barrier for two years so let's hope the surgery has been a success. He scored a goal of the season contender in the 3-2 home win against Hull so we know what he is...
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    Song for Yates

    When he was subbed against Gillingham Chissy mentioned what a standing ovation he would have been getting had the fans there.
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    How bad was Covid at Lincoln?

    Our covid victims Ward, Virtue and Dougall ALL looked like they were struggling energy wise for a few games after they first came back.
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    Glad I bought a season ticket now......

    The Playoff Finals for the Championship, L1 and L2 are all being played over the last weekend in May...29/31.' Just to add from the Playoff Wiki page: 'The play-offs were first introduced in 1987 and have been staged at the conclusion of every season since. Since 1990 the winners of each...
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    Sullay Kaikai appreciation thread

    You could say some who criticised many things this season may have been a tad hasty but that's another story.