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  1. pooljimbo

    Jumping the vaccine queue

    I know of a large car dealership who’s staff got an email encouraging them to book a vaccine. All they had to do was book the appointment through a specific name and link which they were given in the email and they were in - their partners were also encouraged to do so too.
  2. pooljimbo

    Town centre blockage

    Love stuff like this. Thanks for the insight 👍
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    It's not so good Friday without Chizzy

    I think we need to petition the board at the next fans meeting for those live commentary ear pieces like you get at Test Match cricket for when we’re back in the ground. Imagine being sat there watching it live with Chizzy and friends providing the commentary backdrop.
  4. pooljimbo

    Are you Working today?

    Yep. All weekend. But I’m not complaining as it’s been a pretty shitty year for most in the catering and hospitality profession. I’m very fortunate to have a steady income at the moment. Edit: Good luck Michelle btw and I hope you smash it this summer.
  5. pooljimbo

    BFC Players who share your first name

    Ludovic Sylvestre
  6. pooljimbo

    Arthritis ?

    *Breathe 😉
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    Whyte should beat Wilder comfortably if he avoids that right hand, and then deservedly will have a shot at either of the big two next year when they’ve sorted out their business. I think both AJ and Fury beat him at this moment in time but who knows what shape either will be in after their two...
  8. pooljimbo

    o/t Morning after the jab?

    Mrs Jimbo and I had the AZ jab yesterday. I was light headed and drowsy pretty much straight after the injection for a few hours but that’s it. Mrs Jimbo was fine until she woke up this morning, she managed to get herself to work but has been in bed since she got back with flu like symptoms.
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    Woke up this morning .....

    That doesn’t rhyme
  10. pooljimbo

    Astra Zeneca suspended

    Yet both drug companies state there are no issues. Strange situation.
  11. pooljimbo

    Trevor Sinclair Tweet

    He’s been done by that reply tbf.
  12. pooljimbo

    Matchday Attendees?

    I’d go just to watch live football in a ground. I haven’t seen it in almost a year and it beats sitting in front of my laptop with one camera angle and Chizzy sniffling all the way through it.
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    Top advice this Chunky
  14. pooljimbo

    Fourth Test match thread

    It’s at Lords so I think they’ll have a good chance. Can’t see the pitch being prepared as a sandpit.
  15. pooljimbo

    20m now vaccinated and weekly updates

    My step mother vaccinates in Lytham and the last week or so there hasn’t been great supply. This week though she’s been offered extra shifts as they now have a good supply of vaccine. The numbers will go up again to over half a million a day.
  16. pooljimbo

    Billy Joe Saunders

    It’s a shame this fight couldn’t have happened a couple of years ago as it would have been much closer. BJS hasn’t fought enough recently whilst Canelo goes from strength to strength. Hardly broke into a sweat against Yildrim last night and I think he could genuinely beat anyone in the world up...
  17. pooljimbo

    Next budget: the ‘self employed’

    Health and Relaxation shop....🤔
  18. pooljimbo

    Brett Gerrity speaks ....

    So why start up your own thread then? I agree, it’s a good, well argued, eloquent post whether you agree with it or not. Yours isn’t.
  19. pooljimbo

    Would you rather be where Hull are or we are?

    As Bumble would say: “Runs on the board!”
  20. pooljimbo

    Portsmouth v Blackpool Official Matchday Thread 20.02.21

    Needed a bit of quality to win that type of game. Fortunately we had it with Jerry.