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  1. AllTheBoysAreCheerin'

    Option on Ward

    It would obviously depend on who we're playing and how Critch thinks is the best way to play against them. Ward and Dougal are the best balanced option. Ward and Stewart for a more defensive option. Ward and Virtue for a more attacking option and Dougal and Stewart for a backs to the wall, hold...
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    Covid passports

    I get my second jab on Friday, happy days.
  3. AllTheBoysAreCheerin'

    Swindon away day memories?

    As a 17 year old Seasider, that day felt a little like the 300 Spartans! 😂 Happy days.
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    The guy is employed by Blackpool Football Club, if he doesn't want his situation making public, the club would be breaking the law by telling us! It's not rocket science!
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    Brad Holmes Debut

    Was hoping he got the shout late on Tuesday. Hopefully we'll be in a position to give him some game time on Saturday.
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    Poll: Has playing behind closed doors been a positive or negative?

    Early season, the fans would have been on the players backs and confidence would maybe have been very low within the squad. Later in the season the fans may have driven the players to turn draws in to wins. The fact is, we'll never know what effect fans could have had!
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    iFollow Code

    Someone wishing that the code goes to a pool fan that otherwise wouldn't have been able to see the game, due to their financial position, rather than a freeloader is moronic? I'm thinking that says more about you than it does me!
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    Previous Manager & Beer

    Many managers liked a beer or two, why shouldn't they, they're not playing anymore. Go back to the 70's/80's and many players were having a fag at half time and in the supporters bar throwing the pints down after the game! Times change!
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    The one Blackpool game you wish you hadn't been at

    There are many but the one that sticks out is Brentford away... torrential rain, open terrace and a 5-0 defeat!
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    iFollow Code

    Wasn't trying to make you feel bad, was just saying!
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    iFollow Code

    Spoken like someone that can afford it and doesn't give a shit about Pool fans that can't afford it! Dickhead is a very subjective term, isn't it? 😉
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    iFollow Code

    To be fair you said first reply, I was expecting the reply to be a reply on the thread but I guess a DM is a reply albeit a reply from someone that doesn't wish their reply to be public!
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    iFollow Code

    Hope it went to someone that couldn't afford it rather than a freeloader!
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    iFollow Code

    I'll pay for mine and leave the freebee to someone who can't afford it!
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    England V San Marino

    All I saw tonight was a bunch of overpaid kids showboating rather than doing their job! We may as well have been playing around cones tonight and a decent non-league side could have scored 5+ goals. Despite the piss poor opposition, I want to see organisation, desire and commitment from our...
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    Little tactical tweak I noticed

    Looks like a tweak of the tactic we started using when Stewart joined us, it worked to start with but teams soon realised if you press Stewart it causes us problems. Using two midfielders gives more options and also makes a little space for an attacking midfielder to drop a little deeper to...
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    All four bring something different to the team and all will probably have a role to play in the run in.
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    When he first came back from having covid he struggled but he looks to be getting back to his best again now and I expect him to keep Stewart out of the side when he returns from injury. Yes he makes the odd stray pass but who doesn't? His combative style brings more to the team than the odd...
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    If Everyone fit and available who plays in defence

    Whoever is currently playing well.
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    MOM v Posh

    Out of position but never out of his depth! It baffles me that some on here think we should let him go. Great performance as usual but still think Ward nailed it.