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  1. thedevilsadvocate

    Arthritis ?

    Has anybody tried Turmeric for arthritis in the knees and if so, have you found any benefits ?
  2. thedevilsadvocate

    Anyone had a bet ?

    After my 3-1 prediction on Tuesday night and not having a bet, I decided to have a fiver on 2-2 at 16-1. Cushioned the blow to be fair.
  3. thedevilsadvocate

    Did a zoom call tonight whilst watching the game

    With my lifelong mate Brighton Tangerine. It was so good to go through the whole game with a like-minded soul as opposed to on my own ! I strongly recommend it, especially as my ifollow stream was slightly in front of his !
  4. thedevilsadvocate

    Posh on Tuesday

    Looks like most of them don't fancy their chances !
  5. thedevilsadvocate

    DJ interview on the official site

    Only just got around to watching it. A really good watch and humbling interview where he remembers his tenure with us as being the best part of his career. It brought so many great memories back.
  6. thedevilsadvocate

    It's over 3 hours..

    since the game and now for some therapy, it works !
  7. thedevilsadvocate

    It's over an hour since the game finished..

    Is anybody else still pissed off ? I'm really fucking hacked off after that !
  8. thedevilsadvocate

    Best slow news day ever ?

    Today ?
  9. thedevilsadvocate

    Chuks Anike

    Red card overturned from Saturday ! Shocked by that to be honest.
  10. thedevilsadvocate

    Jimmy Floyd Hasselbank

    Wanker or not ? Got it called off twice now. Wanker for me !
  11. thedevilsadvocate

    Oi Dodgy

    I'm off to bed but I'll leave you with this as you're a man of the night. Enjoy !
  12. thedevilsadvocate

    Critchley stick or twist ?

    Can he deliver what we want ? He came here with a stellar CV at youth level but that is significantly lower than where we are at. The Pre season friendlies were promising and encouraging and Simon Sadler has backed him with a lot of money. Almost half a season gone and we're hardly tearing up...
  13. thedevilsadvocate

    That ref

    I know it was a great win and I'm over the moon but I thought that that ref was fucking atrocious ! Anybody else feel the same ?
  14. thedevilsadvocate

    Swindle Town

    Can anybody remember the reason why we adopted this name for Swindon Town ?
  15. thedevilsadvocate

    Ballard for Captain ..

    to entice him to stay for the season ? Discuss ?
  16. thedevilsadvocate

    Sad Nobber

    Just accept it Nobber, the better team won ! Ha Ha !
  17. thedevilsadvocate


    As far as I'm aware, he hasn't gone out on loan. If I'm correct, why has he not been considered for a central MF slot ? He was great in pre season.
  18. thedevilsadvocate

    Is Virtue injured ?

    Having seen what our midfield have to offer, I think that Virtue is by far our best creative midfielder. Very disappointed with Anderson today, gave the ball away far too often and was wondering why he didn't replace Anderson ?
  19. thedevilsadvocate

    Anybody had a bet ?

    I've gone £35 to go up as champions at 20-1. Quietly confident.
  20. thedevilsadvocate


    Anybody know why he wasn't in the squad ?