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  1. Blackpool-rocks

    New Book - Cheltenham Town v Blackpool FA Cup 3rd Round 1934

    Like a few other supporters I spent part of lockdown writing and, am now pleased to announce my first Blackpool F.C book has arrived and is available to purchase via eBay on the links below. Cheltenham Town v Blackpool - F.A. Cup Third Round 13th January 1934 On 13th January 1934, Cheltenham...
  2. Blackpool-rocks

    28 Ex Pool players involved in Division Two tonight.

    A quick browse through the squads tonight in Div 2, by my rough count 28 ex Blackpool players involved. That's a lot..!! I'm sure I've missed one or two as well.
  3. Blackpool-rocks

    Assuming the match at Charlton on Saturday goes ahead......

    ....we will have a difference of five games between matches played at home compared to away. Not withstanding it's a strange season, that's a bizarre anomaly. Two is fairly uncommon, five is bonkers.
  4. Blackpool-rocks

    Blackpool FC v Canada 1892 Ltd Ed No 9/10 Gerry Wolstenholme 2017 A4 Publication

    I have a copy of Gerry Wolstenholme's 2017 short A4 publication about the Blackpool FC v Canada match played at Raikes Hall on 4th January 1892 for sale on ebay. It is no 9 out of only 10 issued. These are highly sought after collectible items and are extremely hard to come by. Its for sale at...
  5. Blackpool-rocks

    Hamptons Not Standing Proud Tonight.

    Both North and South taken a beating tonight.
  6. Blackpool-rocks

    You know you are old when....

    Ian Wright's grandson is transferred on deadline day.
  7. Blackpool-rocks

    Dirk Kuyt

    Anyone see him on Sky Sports yesterday? Just looks so different for some reason. Wouldn't have recognised him.
  8. Blackpool-rocks

    Anyone know what the oldest Blackpool home programme is?

    Read in the "Blackpool On This Day" book that a single copy remains from the match against Stockport County in 1910.
  9. Blackpool-rocks

    Plymouth at Sunderland tonight.

    That's a trek and a half on a Tuesday night in Winter, followed by another trek to Sheffield on Saturday, followed by a short hop to Swindon next Tuesday.
  10. Blackpool-rocks

    Very difficult BFC FA Cup Trivia Question.

    Post WW1, Blackpool played a 3rd FA Cup tie against a team who had already scored 37 goals in that seasons FA Cup competition. It's not a trick question. Over to you......
  11. Blackpool-rocks

    Ahead of tonights "Double Round" FA Cup Draw, here's a beauty from 1963.

    Back to the very disrupted FA Cup in 1963, here's the last tie from the Fifth Draw. Walsall or Manchester City or Birmingham City or Bury v Norwich City or Blackpool or Bradford City or Newcastle.
  12. Blackpool-rocks

    Mark Halstead in goals for Morecambe at Chelsea?

    Good luck with that.
  13. Blackpool-rocks

    Should we have a virtual ticket sale for Round 4..?

    Irrespective of who we draw, what about a virtual ticket sale for Round 4 of the FA Cup? Considering the financial hit Simon Sadler has taken, it would help out a bit. Even if it raised a few thousands it all helps. Notice Marine have sold over 10,000 virtual tickets for today's match against...
  14. Blackpool-rocks

    FA Cup Draw Trivia Question.

    When were we in the draw for the 5th round of the FA Cup but we didn't win a match in that seasons FA Cup...?
  15. Blackpool-rocks

    West Bromwich Albion v South Shore FA Cup 1899

    For those who like a trip down memory lane, before tomorrows FA Cup tie, here's a match report from 1899 when West Brom met South Shore (who merged with Blackpool later in the year). West Bromwich Albion v South Shore FA Cup Round One 28th January 1899 Venue : Stoney Lane Attendance : 7,000...
  16. Blackpool-rocks


    Brilliant player, sadly passed away.
  17. Blackpool-rocks

    Lancaster University Concerts - Fantastic Book

    For those of a certain age and who liked live music, a trip to Lancaster Uni in the 70's and 80's was a regular feature. A new book has been re-published - When Rock Went To College Its a 384 page softback book with loads of concert reviews, posters, flyers and lots of other interesting stuff...
  18. Blackpool-rocks

    What was the average age of the team v Leeds last night?

    Out of curiosity would be interesting to see what the average age of the side v Leeds was last night. Wouldn't have thought it was very high. Anyone up to the task?
  19. Blackpool-rocks

    Playstation Help Needed For Free Monthly Games

    My son has a valid Playstation Plus account but when he goes into the free monthly games area its empty. Anybody know whats wrong or is there setting which needs changing..?? Thanks in advance
  20. Blackpool-rocks

    Charlie playing for Dundee at Brora Rangers today.

    For those who are interested.