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    Gone, more or less.
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    A plea from Rishi Sunak

    'Please don't let those poor offshore property developer conglomerates lose all their rental income! I honestly don't have any vested interest in this! Won't someone think of Pret!'
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    It's going to take...

    A real drop off in form for us NOT make the playoffs now 👍
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    Oi Mods!

    There's a problem with the ignore function, if someone replies to an ignored user we get the usual box notifying that you've ignored that user, but then if the ignored user replies to that the post shows as normal. I've only ignored one person on here and I'm not saying who it is but if you...
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    Boss of Britain's biggest office space...

    Says we're all tired of working from home, not that he has any vested interest.
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    More Good News!

    Dido Harding is finally being asked where exactly she's pissed billions of pounds away to.
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    Most Northern Headline Ever
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    Lou Macari

    Brilliant stuff 👍
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    Another poor small business owner struggling with Brexit...

    One can only have sympathy in these times of struggle...
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    Don't drive five miles for a walk....

    But crack on with the revenue generating...
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    DC on emergency lockdown

    Crazy fucking days.
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    Melania Trump

    She's the one who really suffered apparently, not a hint of irony either? 'I am disappointed and disheartened with what happened last week. I find it shameful that surrounding these tragic events there has been salacious gossip, unwarranted personal attacks, and false misleading accusations on...
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    OrangeFacedRacistWanker Vol 452424234324324

    Confirmed he's not going to the inauguration, probably because he's not invited now. This is how the last defeated sitting President handled it.
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    Derbyshire Police at it again

    They seem to love this stuff.
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    Are these the craziest times...

    You've ever lived through? For me, yes, a virus reeking havoc, stay at home orders globally, an attempted coup in the US....It's just surreal, I can't think of anything that comes close.
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    Cat's post

    Why is it locked? Anyway to answer 20s question; Introducing national lockdown one week earlier would have reduced the first wave death toll from 36,700 to 15,700 (95% CrI 8,900-26,800)
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    50% pay rise last year. Nice.
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    Jim Ratcliffe

    removed. (Oddly, should probably lock these when you edit them Mr Mods)
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    Rishi Sunak

    Oh dear, his wife and family has an undeclared interest of 1.7billion in Infosys.
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    Picture of the week

    Even the White House staff are taking the piss now..'yes Mr President, it's the normal sized desk...'