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  1. Shiggy

    Yates hits 20

    How many times have we spoken about a 20 a season striker? How many people doubted him at the start of the season? So pleased for him, and there’s still plenty of time for more. A brilliant signing
  2. Shiggy

    Is it too early to start talking about summer signings?

    With so much to play for in the current season, I feel as though it might be a bit premature to start speculating about summer recruitment. However, there’s certainly a few players I’m already thinking about that we could possibly sign for a steal in the summer. One in particular is SCOTT...
  3. Shiggy

    Most improved player

    Been a very strange season in terms of players barely playing and then all of a sudden being thrown into the side for a run of games. Players like Mitchell, Thorniley and Gabriel who looked like fringe players at best at the start of the season have played a massive role over the last few...
  4. Shiggy

    Thorniley again

    Really torn when it comes to him. He’s been good and I can’t emphasise enough the job he’s done at a time of injury crisis. But is he here for the long-term? I assume he wasn’t taken off injured? If he’s been hauled off at half time because he can’t contain a striker who has only scored 4 goals...
  5. Shiggy

    Poll: Has playing behind closed doors been a positive or negative?

    Some might raise eyebrows at this question thinking the obvious answer is yes, but consider this. The setup for the first 10 or so games of the season wasn’t right. Players were gelling, Critchley a new manager in his first job with little back room staff, it was obvious it was going to take...
  6. Shiggy

    Politics in football

    A few weeks ago I wrote a thread about how I was starting to despise the premier league. I got a few responses about politicisation etc and understood where they were coming from but it didn’t really seem to bother me. However when I come to think about it, you can barely go a week without a new...
  7. Shiggy

    ‘If you don’t believe now, you never will’

    Interesting article from Matt, he clearly thinks we’re in with a very good chance. I have to admit, last nights result really took me by surprise. All season long I’ve expected nothing more than a top half finish. I didn’t feel this team was ready for a promotion push, but was on the right...
  8. Shiggy

    The 2014/15 season

    What’s your worst memory from that season? For me this was our lowest point in our decline under the scum. Yes we tumbled down the leagues I had already fallen out of love with the club by the time Mugdonald was appointed. In 2014/15 we earned the lowest points tally in championship history if...
  9. Shiggy

    The pitch

    What’s going on with it lately? Judging by Scrafton’s Twitter we could potentially have yet ANOTHER postponed home game this evening. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t remember us having a single home game called off last season? What’s changed?
  10. Shiggy

    Anyone else slowly starting to despise the prem?

    Without even going into the absurd money involved at that level, in the last few weeks I’ve started to hate watching premier league football. I’m not sure whether it’s the frequency in which games are being played, the lack of fans, or something else, but I’m really struggling to enjoy most of...
  11. Shiggy

    Promotion is genuinely there for the taking

    I’ve been reluctant to get ahead of myself this season when it comes to promotion, and I still believe that a top half finish will be a success and something to build on, but as the season has progressed it’s become clear that there isn’t a single side In this division that’s a cut above the...
  12. Shiggy

    Signed in summer shipped out in winter

    With Robson and MJ Williams both rumoured to be leaving before the end of the day, you have to wonder if this is another sign of naive recruitment? Anyone who’s been in conversation with me on this forum knows I always try to be positive about the club, but in the last 12 months I think the...
  13. Shiggy

    Diamond formation

    Anyone think we should give it a go while we’re struggling for wingers? Think it would work well with garbutt/Mitchell as and Gabriel as the full backs who can get forward, kenny in cdm, robson/virtue/ward take your pick as the two centre midfielders and Kaikai in CAM behind Madine and Yates
  14. Shiggy

    Jerry Yates appreciation thread

    Seemed to have a lot of critics early on in the season but haven’t seen much praise of him really which is ridiculous considering he’s been a big part of our improvement. For me, Jerry epitomises everything we’re trying to do at the club. I, like many others thought the clubs general...
  15. Shiggy

    Stick with Woodburn

    This lad has had a difficult few years with injuries, and for me needs some time. If keshi and CJ weren’t out with injuries and kaikai wasn’t so anonymous I’d maybe be more comfortable with letting him go back, but the fact is we need stability and if Woodburn was to leave as well as kemp we’d...
  16. Shiggy

    1 win from losing positions

    Correct me if I’m wrong but haven’t we only won once (Hull) from losing positions this season? For me this one of the more worrying stats from our season so far. Whether we’re too predictable, easy to manage or just easily shaken after conceding a goal or two, or maybe a bit of all of the...
  17. Shiggy

    Let’s talk about Kaikai

    When this guy came in I thought he was the most exciting player we’d had in years. Very skilful, great close control etc and still at an age where his career could go to another level. Since then I’ve been his biggest fan really, even after the injury problems last season I thought he’d be our...
  18. Shiggy

    Ched Evans leaves Fleetwood

    Barton just confirmed. Brilliant If possible, would you have him here?
  19. Shiggy

    The toxicity of Twitter

    Too many people in the replies on BFC/Matt Scrafton Twitter who are unfairly harsh on the team whenever we don’t win. Not a bad performance today but reading some of the replies you’d think we’d just been hammered 5-0. Not sure if it’s kids looking for attention or seriously deluded posters but...
  20. Shiggy

    Ethan Robson

    As someone who hasn’t watched many games this season due to financial situation and the fact that from what I’ve heard iFollow is a relatively poor service, I’m wondering how Robson has done in general. Type of player that excites me on paper but I’ve seen very mixed reports on him. Apparently...