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  1. LimerickTangerine

    Will Game go ahead?

    Wondering what will happen in regards to sports in relation to the death of Prince Phillip obviously living in a different country not part of the UK (im in the Republic) I genuinely don’t know does sport go ahead or be postponed due to such a death Might be a ridiculous question
  2. LimerickTangerine

    Blackpool FC Hall Of Fame

    I watched the WWE hall of fame last night and i know Blackpool have a few names in one Glyn James etc What about each year maybe Summer time the Club could induct 4/5 Legends into a Hall of Fame, could make it a special Dinner night it would honour legends and help bring in an extra few pound...
  3. LimerickTangerine

    Have a nice day

  4. LimerickTangerine

    Lincoln next Saturday

    On or Off i wonder bloody covid at Imps
  5. LimerickTangerine

    What would you rather

    Get to the Play Off Final and lose Or miss out on the Play Offs altogether Id rather miss out Sunday boredom lol
  6. LimerickTangerine

    Celebrating in Ireland 🇮🇪

    What a great win
  7. LimerickTangerine

    Happy St Patricks Day Seasiders 🇮🇪

    Hey everyone just want to wish you all a happy St Patricks Day from Limerick City Ireland 🇮🇪☘️ little known facts about the day some of the English fans might not know 1) St Patrick was not Irish he was Welsh 2) St Patrick is technically not a Saint at all he was never canonized 3) St Patricks...
  8. LimerickTangerine

    Season Ticket 2021/22

    Hi lads can anyone answer me are iFollow match passes always included with a Season Ticket? living in Ireland especially where i am and not Dublin it takes about 7/8 hours for me to get to Blackpool depending on where i fly from if ifollow isn’t included maybe a different Season Ticket option...
  9. LimerickTangerine

    Trevor Sinclair Tweet

    Brilliant 😂 “C’mon Blackpool today, put the Codheads in their place #Seasiders” love it, what made me kind of laugh was Andy Pilleys son replying “haha guess your application to be our manager should go in the bin then 🤣” gotta love Sinclair 🍊
  10. LimerickTangerine

    New Blackpool fan

  11. LimerickTangerine

    Famous people from the same City/Town as you

    Just for a bit of fun ill start with Limericks famous or well known people Richard Harris- great actor Terry Wogan Dolores O Riordan - singer with The Cranberries The entire group actually are. Paudie O’Connor ex Blackpool loanee Frank McCourt - Novelist Michael D Higgins president of...
  12. LimerickTangerine

    An idea but is it possible

    Obviously we need proper undersoil heating and drainage no question will the club make this priority? Or if it hasn’t the money could it pay a certain percentage and fans have a big whip around, fundraise events when things are safe to ? also from what i can see from over here the club has...
  13. LimerickTangerine

    Newcastle relegation good omen?

    The last 2 times Newcastle won the Championship we won Play Off Finals 2010 & 2017 They say things come in 3s so if we dont go up this year and Toon drop maybe something good will come next season 🍊
  14. LimerickTangerine

    Pet Advice

    Hey did some research but curious of any of your possible experiences I am buying a tortoise hopefully by the end of next week for me, youngest wanted one for ages anyone ever had one? Quite looking forward to getting it animals always seem to like me as long as I remember which is weird, as...
  15. LimerickTangerine

    Netflix recommendation- Hunters

    Al Pacino stars in the Series Hunters about hunting old Nazi’s in 1970s America finished watching it last night was absolutely brilliant
  16. LimerickTangerine

    Please do my poll

    I’d like to know something I’ve been told on here some of you “detest” me because i am Irish is this true? Im not posting this to ruffle the chap who said its feathers but to most sincerely know if people feel that way or not as it’s playing on my mind I personally absolutely love the...
  17. LimerickTangerine

    Match off but another problem

    Why have ifollow etc been informed and announced it before the Blackpool FC have officially annouced it to their fans
  18. LimerickTangerine

    Medical question

    Im only wondering has oneone else experienced this or anyone they know my uncle, 80 years old is living in a nursing home, heavy enough smoker and was very fond of the drink. Since October he has a very aggressive rash all over that 4 different antibiotics didnt take away and no cream helps...
  19. LimerickTangerine

    Chris Maxwell

    My favourite player this season but does anyone else get worried how often he comes out of his box etc and all the back passing to him?? im not putting him down he’s class incase anyone gets the wrong idea
  20. LimerickTangerine

    Neil Critchley my views from across the sea

    Neil Critchley is doing a great job in my opinion, of course he will make a few mistakes he’s human and he’s learning overall id definitely be sticking with him in the longterm We still have games in hand and could make the play offs and go up and if we don’t? So what I’d prefer to be...