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  1. Old_Laytonian

    Neil Critchley | Lincoln Reaction. "Should have finished the game off."

    He can't put the ball in the net
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    Lincoln City v Blackpool Official Matchday Thread 10.04.21

    4th as Portsmouth lost at home
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    Is the bike named after him?
  4. Old_Laytonian

    Harry & whatever shes called.

    Thank you for your will be greatly missed. I’ve seen more heartfelt tributes on here
  5. Old_Laytonian

    One word to describe this season

  6. Old_Laytonian

    RIP Prince Phillip

    Yes a good innings, Sir. RIP
  7. Old_Laytonian

    RIP Prince Phillip

    Tv and Radio crap today looks like a sport and Netflix night
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    I hope this Casillero Del Diablo isn’t affected 🍷
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    Advice, Travelling to Scotland with Overnight stay

    Just ask them who would travel to Scotland by choice. I’m sure that will help.
  10. Old_Laytonian

    Loyalist Riots

    He was Dutch wasn’t he? I prefer Cruyff myself
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    "Clotting- to become thicker" Yes, I think that sums it up
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    Go on Lawrence Fox

    I thought you'd hit them with your handbag?
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    Causal link found between activists and stupidity

    Another reason for Barclays staff to carry on working from home
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    9/10 I surprised myself!
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    Loyalist Riots

    "The disorder follows a controversial decision last week not to prosecute 24 Sinn Fein politicians for attending the large-scale funeral of former IRA man Bobby Storey during strict Covid-19 rules limiting public gatherings. The Public Prosecution Service (PPS) cited police engagement with...
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    Match abandoned just before double century

    I can’t read this comment 😀
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    Match abandoned just before double century

    The ignore button is a wonderful thing
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    Which is the best English food?

    Black Pudding