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  1. Hertsseasider

    Oi golf clique

    Anyone else going out tomorrow? 4 ball at 10.48, can't wait though god knows how I'll play
  2. Hertsseasider

    WAHEY, It's the Friday night music thread

    Rock on boys n Girls
  3. Hertsseasider

    NASA lands on Mars

    quite amazing coverage
  4. Hertsseasider


    scores for Hearts
  5. Hertsseasider

    NFL Bills v Chiefs

    Mahones starts
  6. Hertsseasider

    NFL. Green Bay v Bucs

    its a thriller already
  7. Hertsseasider

    Your last concert

    Alice Cooper, The Stanglers, MC5. London O2 Oct 2019 with a couple of dodgy guys off here. Oh for those days.
  8. Hertsseasider

    What does WOKE mean ?

    Asking for a friend Thanks
  9. Hertsseasider

    Glastonbury off

    called off for this year. Boo.
  10. Hertsseasider

    Meanwhile, over in The National League (Inc Eastbourne)

    It seems the promised £11m of financial support will now be in the form of loans and not grants. This could well end the NL season now or worse still force some clubs out of business. The following is a statement from our friends on the south coast: The Board of Eastbourne Borough FC wishes to...
  11. Hertsseasider


    getting a tad exciting
  12. Hertsseasider

    Trump again

    Impeachment vote under way. How's it gonna go and what happens next. If you watch CNN, he'll be hung drawn and quartered before midnight
  13. Hertsseasider

    Big Bertha to Brighton

    OK how do we make this happen @kevinanderson on hand to help. We may also have A BASIL flag
  14. Hertsseasider

    Bowie. Would have been 74 today

    RIP The Thin White Duke.
  15. Hertsseasider

    A message from Eastbourne

    I'm on their Facebook site. Someone wished us well this weekend, so far 39 people have agreed. I also know they contributed to the Xmas present thing Class act
  16. Hertsseasider

    Oi AWAG Clique

    With Spurs playing Brentford tonight I was thinking of the Bee's Awaggers, AB and Plan B. Top blokes who I'm sure we met when Pool were at Griffin Park. Some wonderful characters on that site and Two View.
  17. Hertsseasider

    Scotland going total lockdown

    from tonight for the whole of Jan.
  18. Hertsseasider

    Phins Go

    Unless the Jags pull off the surprise of the day, thats it. Been a good run though.
  19. Hertsseasider

    Tonights Casualty on tv

    Tough watch but try to see it
  20. Hertsseasider

    NYE Music Thread

    The Killers live at The Royal Albert Hall