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  1. Dougall

    Screening and ventilation louvres

    If anyone is interested in who did them ...
  2. Dougall

    Is it windy in Blackpool?

    Blowing a hoolie further South today - sadly think high winds might help the opposition more than us today.
  3. Dougall

    That 29 Game Season

    If only eh .. mind you if you think this is pressure, imagine this table with another 17 games to go!!
  4. Dougall

    Being 21 and up for it!

    Probably a bit different but have just read Critchley's thoughts on Ballard playing today. When I was 21, I was in the building industry and worked from Portugal and I'd do a full shift on a Friday for 10 hours, fly home, get out for last orders and still be up at 8am to get the coach for the...
  5. Dougall

    Swindon away day memories?

    Anyone remember when the Queen Mum had died just after we'd been to Swindon?
  6. Dougall

    Ellis Simms

    Have we still got faith in him to deliver? He is clearly a goal poacher but I wonder if his all round play now fits in to what Neil Critchley is looking for? Handy sub I suppose for 10 mins if we need to give Yates a break but am not sure we'll go back to Simms/Yates up top?
  7. Dougall

    Covid gone from EFL

    EFL confirms ZERO positive Covid-19 cases for the first time. 5524 players and staff from 72 clubs were tested from Monday 15 to Sunday 21 March.
  8. Dougall

    I suppose the intriguing thing is ..

    If Peterborough are on a downward spiral (and the last two games they've looked awful) and we could do the double over Sunderland .. could we dare to dream?!
  9. Dougall

    Rat Face

    Anyone know Darren Ferguson's record against us? Don't think he's had much success in his various jobs.
  10. Dougall

    Injuries all coming at the wrong time

    Hope Virtue is OK - really down to the absolute bare bones and what is especially gutting is imagine if we playing Posh on Tuesday night with a full strength squad!
  11. Dougall

    What Oxford Fans are saying pre-match

    "Blackpool have won 3 and drawn 3 of their last 6 matches, goals for 7, against 2. Not going to be easy but we should be able to beat them." "The only decent sides they have beaten during their recent run of form are Pompey and Charlton. Other than that, they have had an easier run of games...
  12. Dougall

    Your Top Six as things stand

    1. Hull 2. Peterborough 3. Sunderland 4. Ipswich 5. Doncaster 6. Blackpool
  13. Dougall

    Points Per Game

    Now in the Top Six
  14. Dougall

    Sky Sports Rewards?

    Anyone won recently? I was winning loads of match passes earlier in the season but not had anything for ages 🙁
  15. Dougall

    The Blackpool Manager you hated the most?

    Lee Clarke for me. The man literally made my skin crawl.
  16. Dougall

    Would more have been done if fans had been in the ground?

    Just thinking that financially very little has ben lost with our postponements, I just wonder if come Hell or High water if there were 350 people in hospitality, a couple of thousand travelling fans and catering etc across the whole stadium .. would they have done more to get it on?
  17. Dougall

    Players who have shared the same surname at BFC

    So I'll kick off with James Husband and Stephen Husband
  18. Dougall

    Will @Athers song become a new anthem?

    Going on up to the Spirit in the Sky That's where I'm going when I die Before I die and I'm at Heaven's Gates I wanna go on the piss with Jerry Yates 😄
  19. Dougall

    Boring, Boring City

    Must be dull being a City fan at the moment! The monotony of winning 🙄
  20. Dougall

    Anyone know the highest position we've been this season?

    We've certainly not been Top 6 but anyone know our highest position as we do seem to have trodden the same water for a long time! P.S. I need suggestions for a new username!!!