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    Today's monthly SLO column in the Gazette

    For fans who are not local:
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    Corollary to SD minute about ST refunds

    I've spoken with Brett Gerrity this morning and I think it's worth reiterating what I and others stated on the original thread, that Brett's comment was not a rant. Maybe if he'd been more explicit in his answer there wouldn't have been quite the reaction there has been. This is not a social...
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    Minutes of Monday's Structured Dialogue Meeting attached

    See linked word doc:
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    Next Structured Dialogue Meeting with Club - Questions Invited

    The next Structured Dialogue meeting between fans’ groups representatives and the club will take place in just over a week. If you are a member of a fans’ group, please submit your question(s) for the board of BFC to your group organisers. If you don’t belong to a group you may email your...
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    If you or someone you know is going through tough times and needs to talk...

    If you're struggling at this difficult time, know that you're not alone. There is support out there: Samaritans 116 123 Mind 0300 123 3393 Age UK 0800 678 1602 Calm 0800 58 58 58 Papyrus 0800 068 41 41 The Armfield Support Group 0773 658 0692 The Armfield Support Group is there for...
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    Minutes of Tuesday's Structured Dialogue meeting

    Link here:
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    Structured Dialogue meeting - opportunity to put questions to the BFC board

    As advised in my Gazette piece last month, the second Structured Dialogue meeting of the season between Blackpool FC board and fans’ representatives will take place (virtually by Zoom) on Tuesday 17th November. This is an opportunity to put questions to the board of BFC. Invitations went out to...
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    Big Bertha on her way to Eastbourne

    Big Bertha is on her way to Eastbourne for the FA Cup game. Thanks to a generous gesture from Eastbourn Borough - who really wanted to welcome Blackpool fans to their club - they have offered to display Big Bertha at their ground tomorrow as a token representation of Blackpool support. Thanks to...
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    Open Letter To Supporters From The Professional Leagues

    The Premier League, EFL, The FA, Women’s Super League and Women’s Championship want to assure all fans that together we are fully committed to your safe return to football grounds as soon as possible. The health of the nation remains our overriding priority, and for many months we have been...
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    Some thanks for today

    A number of supporters have asked me to pass on thanks to BFC for today: so thank you to everyone at the club. You’ve worked tirelessly in short order to let today’s trial game happen and it appears to have gone off very well. Thanks also to the volunteers who assisted during the week, to the...
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    September 2020 Structured Dialogue Minutes

    The rearranged meeting took place by Zoom on Wednesday 2nd September. Representatives from BASIL, BSA, BST, FPA, TKs and YS attended. The MSG and Tangerine Seasiders were invited but were unable to attend. Present from Blackpool FC: Ben Mansford (BM) Linton Brown (LB) Brett Gerrity (BG). The...
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    Regarding screening of the Everton game

    In normal times, a League One club such as Blackpool wouldn’t attract the likes of Everton to Bloomfield Road in a pre-season friendly. Big Premier League clubs would probably be playing their warm-up games in the USA or Asia, growing their international fan base. But in the year of Coronavirus...
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    Call out to volunteers to help get BR ready for the new season

    Ever since we started preparing for Homecoming Saturday back in March 2019 there has been a group of volunteer fans who have helped out with activities round Bloomfield Road – clearing up rubbish after games, cleaning seats, marking steps, weeding, planting flowerbeds, painting and generally...
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    SLO monthly Gazette column - Football's family values vital at BFC

    For those of you who don't buy or have access to a paper copy of the Gazette:
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    Structured Dialogue Minutes Out Now

    ...on the club website:
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    Tonight's structured dialogue meeting.

    Good 2 hour interactive session tonight between BFC Board (Ben Mansford, Brett Gerrity and Linton Brown) and fans reps from BASIL, BSA, BST, Former Players Association, MSG, TKs. Tangerine Seasiders, Yorkshire Seasiders and non-aligned fans. All fully minuted by PA and minutes will be published...
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    Next Structured Dialogue Meeting With BFC

    The next Structured Dialogue meeting between fans' representatives and the BFC directors (Brett Gerrity and Ben Mansford) will take place on Wednesday 4th March at 7pm at the club. Invitations have gone out to fans' groups but, as per the previous meeting, there will also be two places available...