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    Update on Poulton Mesolithic Find

    An update video has been issued by Oxford Archaeology and news that some the finds will go on display. 'A 6,000-year-old elm tree leaf and stone age tools giving a glimpse of early life on a watery Fylde peninsula thousands of years ago will go on display for the first time next month. The...
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    Club statement about last night

    Has there been a club statement or anything from the referee to explain what happened last night?
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    Oumuamua - UFO?

    Oumuama is the name given to the first known interstellar object detected passing through the solar system in 2017. Speculation has continued since that time as to the nature of the object and this has been hightened by the publication of a book by Avi Loeb Professor of Science at Harvard who...
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    Covid. North v South

    I heard from someone who is a doctor in one of Liverpool's hospitals thsat they are getting requests from the London hospitals to ship out patients to Liverpool because the LOndon hospitals are under such strain. The Liverpool hospitals are not happy about this because a few months ago the...
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    Something has to die ....

    Something has to die for life to be reborn. It's a quotefrom an article about the 1920s when after the suffering of the First World War people wanted to party. If / when this is all over people keep saying this will happen. Everyone promising to meet up and have a big party ( and that's from...
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    Ched Evans - Discretions

    Football Insider website says Ched is leaving the Cods because of 'multiple discretions'. Discretion = the behaviour or way or speaking that avoids causing offence. I think they mean indiscretion which has the opposite meaning. Obviously didn't fit in with Joey. Apparently going to PNE.
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    From Susie Dent - one who holds forth on a subject on which they have no expertise. Not a word that could be applied to anyone on this forum. Quafftide - Viking word for the time for drinking. Snollygoster - a politician who abandons integrity to pursue their ambitions.
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    'Deeply Offensive' name!

    No comment from me on the following piece in the Guardian Racing’s ruling body is to review the process by which it approves racehorse names after a runner was allowed to compete under the name of a racial slur. The horse, named Jungle Bunny, raced in a low-profile contest at Wolverhampton on...
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    Another Barbara Windsor story

    Although Barbara had 3 husbands and many lovers the big love of her life was Sid James. This affection was helped by the fact that Sid was supposed to be massively well endowed. Barbara loved telling her friends abouts Sid's proportions. Consequently whenever she went to a party guys who were...
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    Mesolithic find at Poulton

    I knew that there had some been some excavation work in Poulton where they are building the new road but I didn't realise how big or important it was. The link below show that a team of 75 archaeologists from Oxford have uncovered a site which is now classified as being of 'major archaeological...
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    Pro Jonathan Van-Tam

    What a great communicator. On the new vaccine. 'It is like going to penalties after extra time in a big cup final. Your team scores the first goal. It does not mean you are going to win but that the goalkeeper can be beaten and you have a chance of winning.'
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    Covid - wrecking a family

    Jim lives down our road in Thornton. He is 74, strong as an ox and still running his gardening business. His yellow pick up is a familiar site in the area. Two weeks ago Jim, his wife Pam and son Wayne were diagnosed with covid. Wayne's condition got worse and he was taken to the Vic where he...
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    Anyone know the best England team?

    Anyone know the best England team because I am not sure Gareth does. He has got: TAA Maguire - once he sorts himself out Chilwell - maybe Henderson Kane - when fully fit Rashford Sterling But the rest of the side seems very unsettled or in poor form. Particularly disappointing since 2 of the...
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    I am Duran

    Documentary about the great Roberto Duran with some of the fights from the golden era of middleweights. Tonight Sky Documentaries at 21:00. Has anyone seen the film Hands of Stone? Is it any good?
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    Guardian Interview with Simon

    Simon Sadler interview in the Guardian -
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    @Covid cases in Blackpool increasing

    Medical Director Dr Kim Gardiner says the number of Covid patients in Blackpool hospitals has risen over the last week. Apparently the R figure is at roughly 1.5
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    Sky TV question

    I have an old style Sky box. They have offered me a new Sky Q box. I asked if the programmes I have recorded on my current box could be transferred to the new box. The guy from Sky doubted whether this was possible. Is that correct and is there any way of continuing to access the programmes...
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    Brands you trust

    There was an article in one of the paper's saying that one of the results of the current crisis is that people will rely on buying products from brands they trust. I was thinking of my list. This is not to say that there are not other good brands in the same market but these would be my...
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    Football and marijuana

    At least the American type of football. The NFL is relaxing its rules on the players use of marijuana. The argument used is that it is none performance enhancing and that cbd in particular can help in easing pain in a heavy contact sport. I think that from of some of our games this season our...
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    Charlie's house for sale

    Charlie Adam's house is for sale. I cannot post the link but it is under Butson Blofeld Poulton. I won't comment on the interior design but I liked the special pool table.