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    John Robb Interview ....

    It is good to see that people care about the important ( and unimportant things in life).
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    Faster-than-light travel - is it possible?

    Now I know what to get you for Xmas.
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    Why do so few players have a 'long throw' ability?

    When we were watching the Burton game Mrs CC was asking why more players didn't have a long throw. I had no answer since I am not sure whether it is down to strength or technique. When done well it is as effective as a good free kick.
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    Where would you choose to live....?

    In this country: Somewhere exciting a flat in central London. Somewhere quiet - Shrewsbury, but avoiding the flooded areas.
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    Another blog... are we now properly decent?

    Love the reference to Husband looking like Baresi!
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    England v Poland (Wed)

    We will struggle against Croatia if we don't improve on this performance.
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    England v Poland (Wed)

    Mount has been very quiet in the second half.
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    England v Poland (Wed)

    Pope flapped at the shot.
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    Nuclear weapons

    One aspect of the nuclear discussion is that they have always been seen as strategic weapons. However recently the Russians have developed low yield tactical nukes with low levels of fallout. These could be used to take out a US carrier group or in disputed area such as Georgia where their use...
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    Frank Worthington RIP

    One of a group of great players at that time including Stan Bowles and Tony Currie who could never fit in with the England team.
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    GET IN! MCLF Match blog: Oxford United vs the Mighty

    👍Sorry I was so slow on picking that up.
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    GET IN! MCLF Match blog: Oxford United vs the Mighty

    Please explain the image at the start of the report.
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    GET IN! MCLF Match blog: Oxford United vs the Mighty

    Great report TD although you enjoyed the second half more than I did.
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    Blackpool's injury crisis.

    Can someone remind me what is Greta's injury? Seems to be months since we last saw him.
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    Have you seen the video of him falling over as he climbed the steps to Airforce One. Can't post the link but he looks like me after a night out.
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    Defence Review

    A senior admiral was once asked why we still had nukes - answer, because the French have them!
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    Defence Review

    There are also other scenarios. What if China threatened Australia? They are already considering building a base on an island 200 km off the Australian coast. Would we help our Aussie cousins and how would we help them?
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    Defence Review

    It is ironic that the film came out roughly at the same time as the NATO Able Archer exercise which was almost interpreted by the Russians as a prelude to a full nuclear strike.
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    Defence Review

    The threat of nukes is highly unlikely unless the foreign power perceives that someone unstable eg Trump has their finger on the red button. If China invades Taiwan I expect they think it very unlikely that we would justify using nukes. The reduction in our armed forces is understandable if...
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    Burton have won their last 6 away games

    The goals from the Crewe game were on Quest's EFL show and their striker Hemmings looked really dangerous.