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    I've said all along

    Blackpool win = promotion Blackpool lose = Critch out
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    Eastern Ukraine - the new Sudetenland?

    Why is it that every single thread that Scaremonger is involved in has to decend into him pushing his own personal political agenda?
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    Foreign Tourists

    I am not sure that your wish not to want anyone from Europe or Brazil visiting equates to that happening.
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    Commission for race and ethnic disparity

    Very good to hear there are no racists in the UK. You must have had an ironic chuckle when you heard that.
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    Pfizer jab linked to impotence

    It must be hard on them.
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    Another Englishman scores for Scotland

    Do you want to borrow some of these? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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    Doreen Lofthouse

    I substituted cigarettes for Fisherman's Friends 20 years ago and have stayed off both products since. So, thanks and r.i.p.
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    Oi CAT

    I love this joke, it gets better every time someone puts it on here (about 12 times a day).
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    There's nothing like an expert's opinion based on empirical evidence and this is nothing like an expert's opinion etc. etc.
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    Bristol Riots

    There is a certain person on here purporting to be something he is not who is very vociferous on his anti violence stand today. He wasn't as opposed to violence last season when he lead about 30 of his little cronies to take on about 5 Wimbledon fans.
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    Anyone had a bet ?

    You are a better man than I am Gunga Din.
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    Anyone had a bet ?

    No, I was asking the question, maybe it's as simple as showing off when people have a bit of luck.
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    Promotion odds

    My mistake, I thought you were talking about getting promoted not winning the league. You can still get 66-1 now on betvictor to win the league. I hope you have success.
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    Promotion odds

    66-1 for promotion? I would check my betting slip if I were you.
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    Did he just say the ball has to be sanitised

    He did say it because it does.
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    Anyone had a bet ?

    How come we never hear about people's losing bets?
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    Flag Flying Days

    No, you bit ha ha. Well you were the one who started behaving like a 9 year old.
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    Flag Flying Days

    As long as Scaremonger is repeating his mantra of 'usual suspect's then that's good enough for me.
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    Lefty anarchists smashing up police stations

    I think you are a bit confused the op is a 21 year old lass.
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    Calling Young & Infrequent Posters

    Aye, course you are and your mate mosser's 19.