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    EFL games for next Saturday to be rescheduled

    Prince Philip: EFL moves next Saturday's games 'as a mark of respect' to avoid clash with funeral -
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    Sunderland blog on Blackpool concerns. I think it's fair to say both sets of fans are a bit wary and see these two games as pivotal to the run in. Its all about what happens on the day but...
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    The Preview Show

    Will there be one tonight or any of the other preview podcasts for that matter?
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    Steve Evans..Pre Match Comments A fair assessment to be honest.
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    Play Off Scenario

    An odd one...but if Sunderland finish third and we finish sixth we will end up playing them four times over four weeks. I'm not sure either set of fans would relish that prospect.
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    This is by far....

    ...the best I've felt about BFC since the Holloway years. Only this time it's with an owner we can be proud of and a proper professional structure in place.
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    Karl Robinson's reaction.

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    Are we currently the best team in L1?

    Some indicators suggest we are, or at least close. Discuss.
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    Blackpool v Oxford 2019 revisited.

    An early reality check, the realisation that the squad assembled in the summer were unlikely to be featuring in the play offs. A game in which it felt at times like we were playing a team from a higher tier but one which we somehow won. Tomorrow is another match which, being football, could...
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    Ferguson's reaction

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    Jerry Yates

    Is there anyone left on here that would rather have Gnando back?
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    Dennis Wann

    Belated Happy 70th (yesterday) to the man whose raking pass superbly finished by Mickey Burns won us the Anglo Italian Cup in 1971. One of the select few players we've had who were Blackpool born and bred.
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    A View From The Opposition (Blog)

    An realistic assessment in my view. It's interesting sometimes to see ourselves as others see us.
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    A View From The Opposition.

    A lengthy but very decent and balanced view from the Plymouth forum PASOTI. Preview: Plymouth Argyle v Blackpool by Tom Sleeman | Sep 10, 2020 Blackpool will be coming into Saturday’s League One curtain raiser at Home Park looking to start their season as they began their last campaign rather...
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    A Dilemma For Klopp.
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    BFC App.

    Has anyone else's BFC app been hijacked by EFL IFollow update messages. If I try to open the app it comes up with the following. NEW VERSION AVAILABLE There is a new version of EFL IFollow available for download. Please update the app by visiting the app store. UPDATE NOW...
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    Mansford on signing Ethan Robson.
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    Positivity Please

    I think the fans really have to get behind the team today and try to create some positivity. The reality is that up until the two 0-1 home defeats at Christmas the season was going as well as could probably be expected under the circumstances. Bizarrely, since then all our league games have been...