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  1. Alf

    Anybody have a spare hanging planter for garden??

    Random request folks and not expecting anything really, but my elderly Nana has been let down repeatedly by some catalogue she ordered her planters from (think she said 22 inch is the mount on her wall), they’ve delayed her for the third month in a row. I don’t live in the Pool any more and it’s...
  2. Alf

    Just a little perspective

    Exactly the reason for my cheerleading, no matter how you looked at it from pre season up to now the one logical conclusion you come to with this club and this team is that it’s constantly getting better and still nowhere near its potential. I also said once it does all click together we won’t...
  3. Alf


    Actually Wiz validity is not the same as truth, the only kinds of opinion that would actually be considered invalid as such would be stuff like 'i think a circle can be a square'. The interesting philosophical upside of this is that most opinions can be completely valid, and at the same time...
  4. Alf

    Team for Sunday?

    Maxwell Gabs Eks Thorny Hubs Shaw Embo Stew Keshi-san Simbo Kaikai
  5. Alf


    Prior to joining us Sullay had 0 in 20.
  6. Alf

    Just a little perspective

    Surprised at you being wrong? When pigs fly on a cold day in hell
  7. Alf

    Scudamore interview with GN

    Anybody seen it yet? It's quite interesting. One bit that made me spit out my brew was when he said something like 'name me one owner who has joined the PL 20 since Portsmouth who has not been fit and proper' are you fucking joking!!!! Premier League failed to enforce ban on Owen Oyston at...
  8. Alf

    Fan Engagement Index

    Think it means how many of us are getting married
  9. Alf

    Just a little perspective

    Sorry it took so long to reply - to answer your first question: To answer your second question: 😀
  10. Alf


    with all three of them swapping position every 15 minutes or so, teams would have no chance preparing for us especially when they're probably looking at how many times we've changed formation recently and wondering which one we'll go with in the playoffs
  11. Alf


    I would have him in place of Embleton and Kaikai in place of Simms and have them regularly swap roles
  12. Alf

    73 points from the last 38 games

    One of those moments you realise you've understood a phrase wrong your entire life. Honestly.
  13. Alf

    73 points from the last 38 games

    The thing that’s weird about the pessimists who have been moaning all season is looking back, this is one of the easiest smoothest landings we’ve ever made into the playoff places. Nobody will look back on this season and come out with any of the shit they came out with during it. During that...
  14. Alf

    No what ever happens

    My emotions crept up on me last night, first started laughing with pure joy and then the bloody waterworks came with it. I think we’re the best team in the playoffs but regardless what happens, this is a moment some of us thought might never come again, and just to be along for the ride is...
  15. Alf

    Compulsory Purchase Orders

    Presumably it’s the only way
  16. Alf

    Blackpool v Doncaster Official Matchnight Thread 04.05.21

    I’m just laughing and crying uncontrollably
  17. Alf

    Blackpool v Doncaster Official Matchnight Thread 04.05.21

    What an achievement from this club. Only a few years ago I used to have to say ‘it’s a long story’ when people asked me who I support because of sergeant barcode and the shrunken head pimp. Here we are, embarking on another playoff adventure together. AVFTT is about football again and football...
  18. Alf

    Blackpool v Doncaster Official Matchnight Thread 04.05.21

  19. Alf

    Blackpool v Doncaster Official Matchnight Thread 04.05.21

    Shame if Sunderland take Embleton back. If only we had a replacement, one that preferably could hit a barn door with a banjo. Oh hello Keshi-San!!!