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  1. Wizaard


    To get a 9 point deduction for breaching FFP. Good.
  2. Wizaard

    ITV Sport

    Which bright spark thought it would be a good idea to freshen up League tables by putting points in the first column followed by games played? It really didn't need changing. The eye is naturally drawn to the right hand side to see the points table only to be confused by seeing goals against.
  3. Wizaard


    Are any of the Olympics naysayers watching this? Some great events. Just watched us lose narrowly to the Americans in the wheelchair rugby. The goalball for blind athletes was another great sport. There are so many great back stories as well.
  4. Wizaard


    Anyone else notice the floor was literally bouncing when we were in full voice? When that first went in the floor was shaking. What an atmosphere. Best for the full.90 minutes in a long time. Great effort lads and lasses.
  5. Wizaard

    John Jules

    Needs to learn quickly that the EFL isn't a training match at Arsenal's training ground. I don't think I've ever seen anyone stop, throw up his arms and look at the ref as soon as anyone comes near him. It's costing us, as anything going to him is lost possession. These players are sent out...
  6. Wizaard

    Chalk and cheese

    First half we looked wide open, not helped by gifting the opposition two goals. Even so, we squandered two or three great opportunities that we really should be scoring from. At half time WHUSC reminded me that if we scored first we'd be right back in it. So it proved, as roared on by the...
  7. Wizaard

    One less thing to do

    In Bournemouth now https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/15914320/beach-bans-deck-chairs-sun-loungers-weapons-brawls/?utm_campaign=native_share&utm_source=sharebar_native&utm_medium=sharebar_native
  8. Wizaard

    Away shirts

    Due to be in stock this weekend.
  9. Wizaard

    Racist abuse

    Remember all those posts about how it was overseas bots abusing England players? Apparently not. 99% home grown.
  10. Wizaard

    A level results day

    A stressful time for some. Hope you all got what you hoped for. No doubt the Daily Mail will be saying how easy they are these days, but I've seen the effort my daughter put in and it is far more than I ever did back in the so called golden age of exams.
  11. Wizaard

    Trump's tax returns

    Supreme Court rules the IRS must hand over Donald's tax returns to Congress. A story that's been running for six years finally nearing conclusion. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-58020969
  12. Wizaard

    Thank goodness for us wokes.

    Mixed triathlon and mixed swimming medley golds as a result of us waffling on about equality 😉
  13. Wizaard

    Whats next for the double vaccinated*

    According to the Daily Mash. THE double-vaccinated will soon be allowed to attend gigs, go to nightclubs, travel abroad and put their rubbish in your wheelie bin. What else? * Allowed to use your downstairs toilet without asking even if not a tradesman * Go through supermarket checkouts...
  14. Wizaard

    Downing Street comms

    Just who is managing the messaging from this Government? The latest fiasco is the Business Minister saying that getting pinged ' 'is down to the individual to use their discretion'. Downing St now frantically saying how vital it is that people self-isolate. Following on from Boris and Rishi...
  15. Wizaard

    One rule for us, another...

    Despite being in close contact with Javid, Sunak and Johnson won't be self isolating. Different rules apply, some new pilot scheme. Even the Sun thinks its a bit off with pilot in quotation marks...
  16. Wizaard

    Nigel Farage

    What a surprise. Joins GB News and says I won't take the knee. Desperate attempt to drum up viewing figures.
  17. Wizaard

    Tory MPs

    They just can't stop themselves can they? MP for Romford tells Tyrone Mings to stick to football and not politics. Know your place.
  18. Wizaard


    Out injured until October. Shame for the lad.
  19. Wizaard

    Michael Appleton

    Diagnosed with testicular cancer, and will have surgery followed by a break from management. Get well soon.
  20. Wizaard


    For me, the biggest worry is that we turn up delighted to be in a Final, whereas Italy know what it's like. It's an old cliche, but cliches are there because they're true. We need to play the game, not the occasion. I'm sure Gareth will be saying exactly the same to the players. Looking...