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    Insulate Britain

    Looks like a bunch of fat twats havin' a go at pensioners and women. If that floats your boat scara then crack on.
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    Fair enough
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    When we played Bournemouth at Dorchester whilst Dean Court was being rebuilt, purchased away tickets where brought down on a club coach. The coach got stuck in traffic and was going to miss kick off, the senior police officer decided (very sensibly) to let all 'pool supporters in at about 2:55...
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    Some terrific performances today

    I agree, thought Wintle was superb amongst a lot of superb performances. How long is his loan, is it season long or until January?
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    O/T Emma Raducanu.

    First set closer than 6-1 suggested but imperious for such a young player. And on the men's side Djokovic is still in line for a Grand Slam
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    O/T Emma Raducanu.

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    EU Army

    France during the Falklands
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    In the latest episode of genuine insanity

    Click on the link and there's one there. 🙄
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    O/T Emma Raducanu.

    Brilliant, can see a future, enthralling rivalry with Coco Gauff.
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    Family-friendly recruitment drive at AFC Fylde

    Has it been taken down again?
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    National Insurance

    Wow that's a long retirement, well done 👍
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    St.Johns Square

    There should be a complete motor vehicle prohibition, if public transport has to use it then install a bus gate.
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    O/T Ride the Lights (VIDEO)

    You mean a voluntary donations collection point like with the main illuminations traffic? Yep I could and would support/donate.
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    PNE game

    Was this the game where the local pubs had to stay shut until after kickoff, apart from the Jaggy Thistle? *shudders*
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    Today 20 Years ago.

    Watched it in The Plume of Feathers in Greenwich, I don't have too many memories after full time 🤪 20 years ago 😱
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    Colin Pitchfork

    I'm totally opposed to the death penalty but feel that some crimes shouid carry whole life tariffs. This is one of them.
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    Yes I think TInce could've moved to Inter on a free even though he was under 24
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    It's an international transfer so not sure the usual compensation rules apply.
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    Jordan Lawrence-Gabriel Announced

    Dujon refused to get in the box. No one argued