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  1. GTFsTwinBrother

    When will our luck change?!!

    You also play to the whistle!
  2. GTFsTwinBrother

    When will our luck change?!!

    Completely agree. They said the same in our prem season... it's literally the lamest excuse in the book for something going wrong. If they say it'll level itself out may as well start believing in karma! I do wonder if there was VAR in the champ how our games might have been different
  3. GTFsTwinBrother

    Shamima Begum again

    Well... I'm not one of those people you describe. Gove makes my skin crawl... and I don't think she should be allowed back.
  4. GTFsTwinBrother

    Nice idea Critch

    I do have a comment to make on last nights result as it happens... but what's the point in sharing it with a clueless fuckwhit like you?
  5. GTFsTwinBrother

    Nice idea Critch

    And you go and prove his point by overreacting again... good one
  6. GTFsTwinBrother

    Will the club let me move my ST seat?

    I'm in the west, don't mind paying the extra of what it would have been (and wouldn't want/accept a partial refund if the seat was cheaper). Just wondering if anyone knows/ has it before?
  7. GTFsTwinBrother

    Some 9/11 stuff doesn't makes sense

    Not seen this bit of evidence before... care to share the source?
  8. GTFsTwinBrother

    Team selection

    250/1? Worth a quid at very least!
  9. GTFsTwinBrother


    I don't understand why people are singling out our best attacking player in both halves of the game. That's the beauty of football tho... we all see something different and get to debate it before the next match!
  10. GTFsTwinBrother

    Neil Critchley gets it!

    I can agree with all of that bar Bowler being subbed at half time... but you admitted that. For me Bowler was the motm at half time... and at full time. Not just cos of his goal but because he was the only one to ask really difficult questions of their defence. Anderson did the same... but not...
  11. GTFsTwinBrother

    Why are children given stupid names

    My department can't answer your questions without consulting our legal advisors first.
  12. GTFsTwinBrother

    Frugal food

    Maybe we can all help... post a cheap recipe. Special fried rice. Rice of choice, 1 scrambled egg, handfull of frozen peas, handfull of frozen shrimp and a small amount of pork loin marinated in light soy sauce and garlic. Cook everything off. Stir fry all the cooked ingredients together for 5...
  13. GTFsTwinBrother

    Foodbank Collection 11 September

    You might want to head on over to the "is the earth flat or round" debate thread and cast your vote... if you haven't already.
  14. GTFsTwinBrother

    Is the Earth flat or round?

    Tbf, I'm much funnier in person (I'm my own opinion!)... not sure if most people I know agree!
  15. GTFsTwinBrother

    Is the Earth flat or round?

    No, I enjoyed it so much I studied it at uni...any reason?
  16. GTFsTwinBrother

    Is the Earth flat or round?

    THIS is an argument I could get... behind...
  17. GTFsTwinBrother

    Is the Earth flat or round?

    Sigh. Now we need more poll options... should have done my research!
  18. GTFsTwinBrother

    Is the Earth flat or round?

    I'm unsure... I'm going with the masses... most conclusive wins.
  19. GTFsTwinBrother

    Is the Earth flat or round?

    Just curious given I'm questioning other peoples perspectives and points of view in recent days...
  20. GTFsTwinBrother

    Covid Passports for football matches

    Is there any other way of interpreting that? 🤣